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  • 23 2018 January

    Celebrating UK Comics Fandom – Get Fanscene Free!

    Last week we ran a story about┬áthe first UK Comic Convention, 50 years ago this August, as organised by ex-Nostalgia & Comics owner, Phil Clarke, and Steve Moore, in Birmingham 1968. This week it’s a...

  • 23 2018 January

    Awards: the Razzies nominees are out!

    We’re well into the swing of awards season, but there is one gong that most artists dread winning rather than covet, and that is the famous Golden Raspberries, or Razzies, given out for the most...

  • 23 2018 January

    The 2000AD Preview – Prog 2065

    2000AD Prog 2065 Preview – Out Weds 24th January...

  • 22 2018 January

    Competitions: win a fab trip to Iceland with The Shape of Water

    We’re all eagerly awaiting the arrival of The Shape of Water, from the brilliant Guillermo Del Toro, which hits UK cinemas on February 16th, and stars Sally Hawkins, Doug Jones, Michael Shannon and Octavia Spencer....

  • 19 2018 January

    Angouleme 2018 – the Grand Prix

    On Tuesday last, the organisers of the Angoulême Festival announced the three creators that are in the running for the Grand Prix, the lifetime achievement award with which the Festival wants to honor an original...

Reviews: Koshchei the Deathless

January 4, 2018 | 0 Comments

Koshchei the Deathless #1, Mike Mignola, Ben Stenbeck, Dave Stewart, Dark Horse The first New Comic Book Day of the New Year and, oh lucky me, there is some fresh Mike Mignola in among the new releases. Hellboy may be dead and in Hell, but the last couple of years have still been rather fruitful...

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Best of the Year 2017 – Joe’s picks

January 3, 2018 | 2 Comments

And finally my own selection for my annual Best of the Year picks (see the other 2017 picks here), starting, as always, with the comics works. While I was working on this over the holidays I saw Vice magazine’s comics person do a “top ten” comics of the year, except they couldn’t find ten good...

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Alex’s audio round up

January 3, 2018 | 0 Comments

It’s time for Alex Fitch to fill us in on details of his first Panel Borders show of 2018; as ever check the Panel Borders site for more details and to access a pile of previous shows in podcast form: Panel Borders: Music and Comics, on Resonance FM at 5.30pm, Wednesday 3rd January, podcast afterwards...

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The Modern Prometheus

January 2, 2018 | 0 Comments

January 1st marked the 200th anniversary of one of the first and most influential works of science fiction and horror, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus, first published, anonymously, in January of 1818 by the small press of Lackington, Hughes, Harding, Mavor & Jones, a run of only 500 copies. Two hundred years on...

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Stuff (& Possibly Nonsense) #144

December 29, 2017 | 0 Comments

Relaxing in the post Christmas food coma? Sit back and enjoy Joe & Richard’s weekly round-up of all the news in the world of comics. Ok, not all the news, but at least a bit that caught our eye anyway....

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Best of the year 2017 – Garth’s movie picks

December 27, 2017 | 0 Comments

Continuing our blog crew selection of their favourite pieces of the year, today it is our resident movie fiend, a man who lives only at 24 frames per second, and appropriately enough Garth is sticking to films for his best of picks. You can read the other blog crew 2017 Best Of posts here, and...

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Stuff (& Possibly Nonsense) #143

December 22, 2017 | 0 Comments

Yes, end of the week and that means time for Stuff (& Possibly Nonsense), Richard and Joe’s weekly, quick-hit round up of news and links spotted over the last few days: This isn’t comics, but it does contain some remarkable illustrations, by one of the greatest artists of all time – Leonardo Da Vinci’s Codex...

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Hellboy: Krampusnacht, Mike Mignola, Adam Hughes, Dark Horse Now here’s a very timely seasonal treat for all the good readers (the bad ones aren’t allowed, they’re on a list and it has been checked twice): Hellboy in Krampusnacht. Actually this is a double treat as it sees HB’s creator Mike Mignola teaming up with superstar...

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Best of the Year 2017 – Richmond’s picks

December 21, 2017 | 0 Comments

Continuing our annual Best of the Year picks from some of the blog crew (yes, it is that time of year again), and today’s it’s Richmond’s turn to pick out some of the comics, books and film that floated his boat in 2017. Matt kicked off the blog crew’s choices yesterday (you can see his...

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Best of the Year 2017 – Matt’s picks

December 20, 2017 | 0 Comments

Yes, it is that time for our Best of the Year posts to start off (you can see previous years Best Ofs here), with some of the blog crew picking out a number of their favourites from 2017. First out the gate this year is Matthew, who is going old-school with a top ten countdown...

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