The Weekly 2000AD: Previewing Prog 2084

Published On June 4, 2018 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, General, The Weekly 2000AD

Prog 2084 of the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic hits the stands on 6th June. Just look for the incredible Michael Dowling cover… Judge Death is in the house…

As for what’s inside this Prog, it’s the same five strips as last week… but hey, they’re all rather darned good, so it’s no bad thing. Choose from the fascinating Dredd tale taking a look back at events in the early days of the Justice Department, the all-new Skip Tracer series that’s nicely mixing something very now with something classic 2000AD style, or the stunning new Durham Red serial with a revamp that’s just ticking every single box you could ask for! And just to prove that 2000AD is always keen to push things in various different directions, we’ve also got continuations of the hilarity in Survival Geeks and the horrors of Deadworld. All in all, something for everyone, and it’s all looking good.

JUDGE DREDD: THE PARADIGM SHIFT – Michael Carroll and Jake Lynch

Michael Carroll’s really doing an impressive thing here with Paradigm Shift, jumping to and fro between modern Dredd looking for a 100-year old nerve agent with a history, and the dawn of the Justice Department, with Judge Deacon coming up against government agent Sager, desperate to stop the Judges coming to power. With a limited page count, cramming in two separate┬átimelines is even more impressive, as is the increasingly angular and McMahon-like artwork from Lynch.

SKIP TRACER: HEAVY IS THE HEAD – James Peaty and Paul Marshall

Strands are being pulled together now, with Blake’s investigation into the assassination of his last bounty tieing into his previous life as a Consociation soldier.

After the pace of the opening episode, we’re now four episodes in and it’s all being very nicely slowed down and controlled with Peaty’s writing. Blake, the Skip Tracer, is slowly piecing things together and making dangerous connections, all the while giving us a Marlowe-ish voice-over to key everything into a classic private detective style of things, albeit with a very sci-fi twist.

SURVIVAL GEEKS: GEEK-CON – Emma Beeby, Gordon Rennie, and Neil Googe.

Rufus takes a bath with a fan, Simon’s future seems very dead-ish, and Sam doesn’t necessarily enjoy the delights of the “Women in interdimensional travel” panel…

“How can we help the girlies, who are outnumbered by one to four in dimensional travel?”
“I can help, right. Got my space yacht for any sexy ladies wanting a hand up, and I got eight hands, if y’know what I mean.”

Not that anything like that would ever happen at a comic con, of course, this is purely Rennie and Beeby taking aim at the sci-fi cons. Oh. Hold on. Anyway, back in the story… because despite Survival Geeks being a bloody funny strip existing to have a pop at anything writers and artist fancy, there’s also a fun story along the way … So, Simon is getting involved with Investigator Qui. In a companion sort of way, and seeing as how every single previous companion went ‘missing’ at some point, it’s possibly not a good idea.

Funniest thing in 2000AD for a long while. You can tell it’s very good, as reportedly, lots of old skool fans really rather hate it.


And from riotous comedy to Walking Dead meets Mad Max alt-world horrors of the Dark Judges. A slightly jarring transition from one page to the other, but still a damn good thing to get the variety.

Thus far, we’ve seen things from Judge Child’s side, but here Kek-W and Kendall take us deep into the diseased heart of Deadworld’s Justice Department to catch up on what Death and his merry little band are up to.

Or maybe not. Maybe we’re seeing dissent in the ranks? Sisters Nausea and Phobia unhappy with Chief Judge De’ath, Sister Psiren refused access to Fairfax, techy Casey wondering just why the death fluids don’t seem to be changing people, just killing them. Intrigue and mystery building in this excellent tale. We might know where Deadworld eventually descends to, but getting there, especially with Kendall’s art making it all look as absolutely hideously nightmarish as it should, is the fun part.

DURHAM RED: BORN BAD – Alec Worley and Ben Willsher

Put on your shades, as Willsher’s colouring palette here is every bit pure desert heat. And oh boy, is it beautiful. I simply can’t say enough in praise of Willsher’s art here. It’s stepped up and surpassed anything he’s previously done.

And Alec Worley’s not lagging behind either, the two of them obviously cared passionately about this Durham Red revamp, and it’s all going fabulously so far! The hunt for her client’s dear old mom continues… in style…

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