The Weekly 2000AD: Previewing Prog 2082

Published On May 21, 2018 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, The Weekly 2000AD

Hitting the shelves of your local comic shop on Weds 23rd May, the latest Prog, packed with thrill-power! And all behind a bloody gorgeous cover by Jimmy Broxton…

Inside this Prog, there’s plenty to get your teeth into. But first, that cover feature… yep, the Vamp is back at last, as Durham Red returns after a long time, with a fresh look from writer Alec Worley and artist Ben Willsher.¬†Also in Prog 2082, a new Judge Dredd, with Michael Carroll and Jake Lynch delving into the Paradigm Shift. More new laughs come from the brilliant Survival Geeks, who jump into that most wonderful of things… a comic con. Oh joy.

Continuing strips are the all-new Skip Tracer by James Peaty and Paul Marshall and Kek-W and Dave Kendall take us further into The Fall Of Deadworld. All in all, pretty damn good Prog.

Ok, here we go…

Judge Dredd: The Paradigm Shift – Michael Carroll and Jake Lynch

The new Dredd saga by Michael Carroll ties into his new line of Dredd prose novellas, set in the very earliest days of the Justice Department. Dredd’s investigating a simple break-in and uncovers something missing for 106 years, an old data tablet, and he’s off on a mission to right the wrongs of a turbulent time gone by. But we’re also taken back in time, watching the events unfold that Dredd is now investigating. And looking back at the proto-Judges is a fascinating thing, something very little touched upon in 2000AD history. It works very well here, with early versions of Dredd uniforms and their Lawriders. The palpable tensions between the US Army and the new Judges is touched upon, and hopefully we’ll get way more of that in future episodes. But if you want my advice, go looking for Avalanche, as Carroll really spins out an intriguing tale of the early days, ccraftinga tense little thriller with space to delve deep into the little-known history of the Judges.

Skip Tracer: Heavy Is The Head – James Peaty and Paul Marshall

Last episode ended with Nolan Blake, ex-soldier, current Skip Tracer bounty hunter, covered in the assassinated brains of his latest quarry. Seems someone doesn’t want anyone talking about ‘The Crown’.

But Skip’s not one to pay much heed to that. Especially when one mention of ‘The Crown’ to his employer turns her decision to stiff him on the payout for the live capture into a full and fair settlement. Intrigued, he’s off investigating, something he’s probably going to regret seeing as he’s already got a tail.

So far, so good for Skip Tracer. The pacy opener last Prog leads to a little more back story and character building stuff. Enjoying both Peaty’s writing and Marshall’s wonderfully solid artwork here.

Survival Geeks: Geek Con – Gordon Rennie, Emma Beeby and Neil Googe

The latest adventure for the funniest foursome from 2000AD in a longtime is an easy read just from the title alone… it’s time for the¬†Geeks to head to a con. You can just feel the fun all concerned had pulling apart convention craziness from the off here.

Clive, Rufus, and Simon, three of the biggest sci-fi obsessives around, plus reluctant new housemate Sam, have landed at Warp-Con XXIV in their misfiring time and space travelling two-up-two-down house. So, kick back and enjoy Rennie, Beeby, and Googe skewing all the most hideous of con things… the cosplayers, the ‘celebs’ signing for cash while wondering where their careers disappeared to, the intergalactic tat, even the wonders of the comic book “guest” ghetto zone… through the door, down the stairs, usually next to the toilets. Glorious.


Damned: The Fall Of Deadworld – Kek-W and Dave Kendall

Return to Deadworld, once just your normal planet full of normal souls. And then the Dark Judges happened, and Deadworld fell. In The Fall of Deadworld, we’re watching as civilisation is destroyed, the Dark Judges rampant, and very little anyone can do. Taking their lives into their own hands, a small group of survivors band together to rescue Rogue Judge Fairfax…

Trouble is, they’re going to need the help of cartel boss, the delightfully named ‘El Cadaver’… and he’s totally “batshit loco”. More lovely looking art from Kendall, perfect for the fall of a world.

Durham Red: Born Bad – Alec Worley and BenWillsher

In the late 22nd Century, many survivors of the Atomic Wars are mutated horribly thanks to the Strontium 90 fallout. The bravest and best of them escaped the mutant ghettos and found the only life allowed them was as Search/Destroy Agents, the fabled Strontium Dogs. Of these, Durham Red is one of the most feared, a haemovorous mutant needing blood to survive. She’ll bring you in, but be very afraid if she’s thirsty when she does.

And it’s so good seeing her back in the pages of 2000AD, with Alec Worley and Ben Willsher at the helm (Lee Carter takes over on art from part 5 thanks to a nasty drawing hand accident for Ben) and a complete re-vamp meaning Red’s never looked better, even in blue. Now that the S/D Agency has been disbanded, Red’s scraping by on anything she can get, whether it’s mercenary work or behind a dive bar. Except, she’s not cut out for bar work, and before you know it, Durham Red is back in the game.

Great first episode, a fabulous redesign for Red, and some incredible action from the pen of Wilsher. Looking incredible so far, and a very cute touch with Carlos Ezquerra’s face on the 100 bills. This one looks like a winner.

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