The Weekly 2000AD: Previewing Prog 2080

Published On May 8, 2018 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, The Weekly 2000AD

The latest Prog hits the shelves on May 9th. Here’s a taste of what to expect inside….

Cover by the wonderful David Roach to celebrate the finale of the latest Judge Anderson tale:


Dredd: Nans Of Anarchy – Alec Worley and Karl Richardson

Hmmm… another short Dredd tale here. I was expecting a little more than just two episodes of Nans of Anarchy, especially as I could see Worley having a load of fun with Dredd coming up against perps his own age finally!

But no, before it’s really begun, that’s the end of Nans of Anarchy, Satisfying for sure, with some great solid Richardson artwork and Worley laying on some great gags. But oh, I’m beginning to look forward to a good, beefed up, big Dredd tale.

Sinister Dexter: Gangbusters – Dan Abnett and Steve Yeowell

The wise-cracking gun-sharks find themselves trapped in an AR WWII situation, looking to take the hit on mob boss Arvo Blenx. Right now, he’s got the upper hand, with live ammo and Fin and Ray aren’t looking great right now. Fortunately, thanks to Billi, the girl who just put a mistaken hit out on them, a little tech hacking means the boys get upgrades and before you can say chocks away and tally ho, it’s back to the skies for some good old fashioned dog-fighting with Blenx.

Special mention as well for Steve Yeowell’s art. Usually, Yeowell’s art is solid, almost minimal. But there are moments here, as the scene’s shift to Billi, where he’s doing beautiful things.

Another great Sinister Dexter tale. Sure, it might be lightweight, but hell, it’s fabulous fun!

Judge Anderson: Undertow – Emma Beeby, Mike Collins and Cliff Robinson

Undertow’s been an excellent series, but here, with the finale, it’s all wrapped up just that little too conveniently, too easily. Certainly after all the threats, all the dangers being thrown up over the last few episodes I was expecting something more epic than we end up with. Having said all that, it’s still been a damn fine Anderson tale, and the elements of the resolution that do work work exceptionally well, especially seeing Anderson face up to the ‘necessary deception’ line from Chief Judge Hershey. I have a feeling we’ve not seen the last of Emma Beeby on Anderson, nor have we seen the last of Karyn, Echo, Flowers. There’s more tale to be told.

Art wise, the whole thing, whether that was in early episodes from David Roach or later episodes from the team of Mike Collins and Cliff Robinson, has been sumptuous to look at. Although I have to say this last episode does have some very strange Anderson imagery. For heaven’s sake, she must be 50+ by now, and didn’t I read somewhere that Psi-Judges can’t make the same use of anti-aging treatments as street Judges due to it messing with the psi-abilities? So having her a 20-something looking, all too skinny waif here just doesn’t work for me. I want realistic Anderson, same as I get realistic Dredd.

Future Shocks: The Puppet – James Peaty and Nick Dyer

James Peaty’s first series proper in 2000AD begins next Prog with Skip Tracer, but here we have a pretty good little Future Shock. The Puppet of the title is a bit of old battle tech, repurposed for nefarious means to become a Bio-Mimetic puppet, able to take on any image and do just what you want. Our little scrote in charge wants her to become his partner in crime. The only trouble being the puppet happens to have gained sentience. Nothing particularly wow to be honest, but it does a decent job of the setup, the story, then the final twist, just as any FS should.

Strontium Dogs: The Son – John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra

Johnny’s latest adventure has been one of my favourites in recent times. Wagner’s emotional touches in the troubling events surrounding bringing Wulf’s son, Kenton back into the tale have been the nearest the strip gets to sentimental, but Wagner and Ezquerra have handled them so well. Here, we’re in the finale moments, with Johnny and Kenton appearing to be bonding well. There’s still the small matter of getting enough credits through their bounties to make things worth their while. They’ve taken down the Glazers, well, Kenton did. And that’s all Johnny’s needing to feel a little more respectful for the lad right now.

We do get a magnificent little walk through of Search and Destroy Agency tactics from a master, with Johnny’s instructions to Kenton a perfect reminder that what he does is actually pretty damn nasty. A beautifully done little conversation from Johnny in a little down time, essentially pointing out to the rookie that you always go for the best value for money shot, and it’s always easier (and cheaper) to collect dead than alive. Wagner obviously coming out of sentimental mode with a bit of practical nasty right there.

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