The Weekly 2000AD: Previewing Prog 2079

Published On April 30, 2018 | By Richard Bruton | Comics

Time to take a looksee at the latest Thrills going on over in 2000AD. Prog 2079, out 2nd May, features the phenomenal return of Mike McMahon on cover duties… now that’s a bloody cool Dredd right there!

Phew, that’s a cover. And those boots! Oh, so good to see McMahon back on the cover.

As for inside, well, it’s a little bit new, a little bit continuing tales, with new Dredd kicking off, a dental related Future Shock, and continuing tales for Anderson, Psi, Sinister Dexter, and Strontium Dog. Let’s kick things off (and yes, those boots definitely are made for kicking when McMahon gets on the cover!) with a little bit of Dredd…

Judge Dredd – Nans Of Anarchy – Alec Worley and Karl Richardson

Oh, good pun title to start us off. Always good to see, and sets the tone for this new tale from the off. Seems the occupants of Betty White Retirement Block are due to be out on their ageing asses in a couple of weeks. But before then, they have the chance to raise a little cash to effect repairs and maybe make the place habitable. Most of the nans here are oldsters who can’t really possibly cause Dredd much trouble, but there’s a feisty element in their ranks…

Oh yes, Dredd with reading glasses. You can just see it now.

That’s Crazy Daisy Magonnagall, one of the “totally legit biker club” girls of old… yeah, right. Dredd sees things waaaay differently. Sixty years, and he never managed to nail the gang for anything. With the nans needing cash, you just know where this one’s going, don’t you? And you wouldn’t be wrong. But with Worley doing his best Golden Girls gone Hells Angels here, there’s a lot to smile about. Richardson’s art does the job as well, all kinetic and beefed up stuff. Very nice to look at.

Sinister Dexter – The Gangbusters – Dan Abnett and Steve Yeowell

As for Ray and Fin, gun-sharks for hire, they’re taking a little downtime in The Gangbusters, after the events of the last tale. The latest Downlode¬†craze is “Sky Scrapping”, getting into a small drone with AR to give it that old time feel, and having a blast above the skyline. What’s the worst that could possibly happen when Ray and Fin give it a whirl?

Well, seeing as they’re actually on a hit on a mob boss also sky scrapping, many, many, many things could go wrong. And what do you know? They do. It’s chocks away for more silliness from Abnett, more beautifully clean artwork from Yeowell, as we discover the delights of Fin and Ray trapped in an AR nightmare of WWII proportions.


Anderson, Psi – Undertow – Emma Beeby, Mike Collins, and Cliff Robinson

Things are really going from bad to worse down below in the under city. Anderson’s forces are split, the vampires are seemingly everywhere, there’s a Hondo City commando squad bearing down, and most of the Psi-Judges of MC-1 are possessed. And it seems every way out involves Anderson kicking the bucket. Excellent storytelling from Beeby, great art from Collins and Robinson, all giving us a great Anderson tale.

Future Shocks – An Inconvenient Tooth – Martin Feekins and Joe Palmer

Just four pages long, each Future Shock is always a tricky one to get right. Loving Palmer’s art in this one, cartoony yet full of punch, and Feekins’ tale, of an MI6 operative infiltrating W.I.S.D.O.M. to get to their chief assassin The Tooth, plays it for gags all the way. This James Bond really does have his very own secret weapon, and turns it on to make things good. Short and sweet, but punches just right.

Strontium Dog – The Son – John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra

This latest Strontium Dog tale has really been pushing some nostalgic buttons with the introduction of Johnny Alpha’s one time best pal and strong right hand man, Wulf’s son, Kenton. Poor Kenton, doing his best to live up to the name, but he’s a pale reflection of Wulf, and Johnny knows it. That’s why, now that Kenton’s taken it upon himself to get the Glazers, Johnny’s latest bounty, poor Johnny is slowly burning his way through a locked door, knowing Kenton’s taking on the nasties inside. There’s a beautiful full-page panel of Johnny finally getting in to see what’s been going on, with Ezquerra really nailing the emotions on Johnny’s face…

Where does this leave Kenton, and how shit is Johnny feeling?? Read it for yourselves to find out. It’s the best Srtrontium Dog strip for many years.

And remember – Saturday 5th of may is Free Comic Book Day. Pop along to any of our wonderful Forbidden Planet International stores and you’ll be able to pick up this lil’ beauty… 2000AD REGENED, the all-ages reimagining of Cadet Dredd, Strontium Dog, Future Shocks, and DR & Quinch…


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