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Published On April 23, 2018 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, The Weekly 2000AD

Prog 2078 is out in your local comic shop and maybe even your local newsagent on the 25th April…. here’s what’s inside to tempt you…

Cover by Carlos Ezquerra, who really brings the action to Johnny Alpha this episode. Cracking cover.

Judge Dredd: Flaws – TC Eglington and Staz Johnson

Another quick Dredd tale this time round, with Flaws all done in three. Here we get to see the real reason the Sons of Booth have been whipping up block tension. And yes, Dredd gets it right. I won’t give it away, but there’s enough there in the preview pages for you to work it out, just like Dredd did.

Flaws was a good little tale, with Eglington, just as Rob Williams did in Prog 2073 and 2074, setting up his stall for future Dredd tales. And alongside Staz Johnson’s excellent artwork it was a good tale, just a little shorter than I’d have liked.

Jaegir: In The Realm Of Pyrrhus – Gordon Rennie and Simon Coleby

Pyrrhus – a Greek General whose terrible losses in victorious battles led to the phrase Pyrrhic victory, which is something that you can easily see happening to poor Kapitan-Inspector Atalia Jaegir as this latest part of her tale wraps up. She’s deep in Souther territory, looking to get back to the Nord forces on Nu-Earth. But, it’s not this that really forms the meat of part 6, but the revelations from Jaegir’s captured Souther intelligence agent, who’s keen to tell Jaegir of the depths of her father’s monstrosity. It’s something Rennie will no doubt be coming back to when Jaegir returns.

One thing to really make mention of is Simon Coleby’s artwork. It’s been really great all the way through previous Jaegir series, but in this one, whether it’s the incredible scale of the space battle and giant ships he obviously adores drawing, or the sheer darkness he brings to the character’s faces and the whole feel of Nu-Earth, he’s taken it to another level entirely.

Sinister Dexter: The Devil Don’t Care – Dan Abnett and Steve Yeowell

One of the things that turned things round for me with Sinister Dexter a while back was finally ‘getting’ Abnett’s playing with words. Case in point there on the first page this Prog, with the go to place for guns and ammo in Downlode City:

“The business changes name regularly for ‘legal’ reasons. Last month it was “Ammo Amass”. The month before it was “Lode Loads”.

It’s the end of the Devil tale, and Fin figures out just how to get the better of this supernatural powered gun-shark. You forget sometimes, amongst the jokes, that Fin is every bit the bad-ass that Ray is. Next time it’s “The Gang-Busters”, and maybe we’ll find out just how Billi Octavo knows Fin and Ray when they were wiped out from the continuity a while back. Still enjoying the whole idea of Sinister Dexter.

Anderson Psi Division: Undertow – Emma Beeby, Mike Collins and Cliff Robinson

Again, no David Roach on art duties, but having Mike Collins and Cliff Robinson turn in another excellent set of pages pretty much makes up for things.

Now, as for the tale, it’s basically all going to hell in the Undercity and above, with Anderson in real trouble amongst the Vampires, the Psi-Division possessed and hunted by the Justice Department, and there’s still that strange appearance of Hondo City operatives in the Big Meg. All of which leads us to this…

Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not asking what the hell is going on in a bad way. Oh no, Emma Beeby has built this up and up so well that I’m wondering just how she’s going to end it, and how the implications of what’s going on with the Psi-Division will play out in the future. It’s a great slow reveal, all wrapped up in a strong adventure tale.

Strontium Dog: The Son – John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra

I used to love Strontium Dog when I was a kid. Even though I didn’t read 2000AD regularly, the thrill of seeing Johnny Alpha was something I haven’t forgotten. Over the years, since starting reading it regularly, I have to say it has never made me feel that way again. Until now. Wagner seems to have tapped into something really primal here, with Johnny going through the mill recently over his guilt over the loss of his best buddy Wulf, all brought about now that Wulf’s son, Kenton, is on the Strontium Dog payroll, despite not being a patch on his old man.

But now we get to see Johnny in action, as he goes looking for Kenton. Determined, single minded, deadly. And oh, it’s so bloody well done by Wagner and Ezquerra.

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