The Weekly 2000AD – Previewing Prog 2077

Published On April 16, 2018 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, The Weekly 2000AD

Hitting the shelves on Weds 18th April, the latest Thrill-Powered Prog…

Epic looking Anderson cover from Raid71 there. As for what’s inside this Prog…

Judge Dredd: Flaws – TC Eglington and Staz Johnson

With dodgy reporter Mo Malik stirring the pot nicely in a nasty little block rivalry with one block defiantly pro-Judges, the other not so much. And in the background, the Sons of Booth, a very anti-Justice Department terrorist group, intent on causing trouble. Great buildup stuff from Eglington as he moves the players into position ably abetted by Staz Johnson’s great looking artwork.

Jaegir: In The Realm Of Pyrrhus – Gordon Rennie and Simon Coleby

More intense Nord action as Kapitan-Inspector Atalia Jaegir and her team deep in enemy territory, looking to smuggle out their kidnapped Souther facilitator. Coleby really is doing all kinds of great in this one, obviously loving the chance to show us his skills with fabulous airborne battles.

Sinister Dexter: The Devil Don’t Care – Dan Abnett and Steve Yeowell

Ok, so you’re the top gun-sharks around and you’ve just discovered that the sister of one of your oldest friends had put a hit on you. You find her, sort it all out, problem solved, right?

Wrong. You should know by now that things NEVER go that easy for Fin and Ray. Turns out another gun-shark decided to turn the tables and off the sister just to protect the names of his fave pair of guns for hire. At this point it gets really weird. The gun-shark is called “The Devil”, and as Fin and Ray have just found out, he can’t be killed. And seems to never run out of bullets. Couldn’t be he’s ACTUALLY Old Nick himself, could it? Oh Funt. Still, as Fin finds out here, hitting him with a funting taxi at least slows him down…

Anderson Psi Division: Undertow – Emma Beeby, Mike Collins and Cliff Robinson

Oh, ok… after saying how damn good it was to see David Roach return to the pages of 2000AD with this really promising looking Anderson tale, this episode has art by Mike Collins and Cliff Robinson. Bother. Now, that’s not to say the art isn’t in good hands here, after all, Collins and Robinson are both class acts. It’s just that it was so good to see Roach back, it’s not the same without him.

As for the storyline, well things are really hotting up, with Anderson and her makeshift team deep in the Undercity where the vampire infestation might just be out of control, and what’s Hondo City got to do with it all? And above ground, the continuing distrust of all Psi-Judges really boils over. This is turning into a real good Anderson adventure.

Strontium Dog: The Son – John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra

This is turning out to be a very special Strontium Dog tale. Wagner’s long said that killing off Johnny Alpha was a mistake, and maybe he’s of a similar opinion about the loss of Johnny’s trusted second, Wulf. Which might explain why we have Wulf’s son, Kenton, involved in the SD agency now. Trouble is, Kenton doesn’t seem to be a chip off the old block, and so far, he’s just cause trouble, and now a nasty injury, to old Johnny. Watching Johnny’s fever dreams, talking things through with Wulf is a touching moment. But, will Kenton manage to step up or screw up? Things aren’t looking too good.

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