The Weekly 2000AD: Previewing Prog 2072

Published On March 11, 2018 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, The Weekly 2000AD

Out on the 14th March… it’s the brand new 2000AD Prog 2072. A lot of endings this time round…

Another cracking Clint Langley cover there, capping off a remarkably fun lot of ABC Warriors storylines. And ABC Warriors isn’t the only strip coming to a conclusion though, as it’s all change next Prog with a load of new strips. Hopefully, the next bunch are as magnificent as this batch has been!

But although it’s farewell to many, it’s also a warm welcome to Laura Bailey and Paul Williams, the winners of the 2017 2000AD Thought Bubble new talent contest. Their Future Shock; Sunday Scientist, definitely shows they’re both names we should be hearing about in the future. Four pages, but very well crafted four pages, a novel approach to solving the energy crisis using very alternative fuels from a Uni prof forced to experiment from home. Paranoia? Or justified action from her colleagues? With a setup, threat, tension, and resolution, it’s enjoyable stuff.

So it’s farewell to Judge Lamia once more in Live Evil, with just four episodes from Ian Edginton and Dave Taylor just way too short. But it’s definitely in the leave em wanting more category. And the ending… well, it promises more to come from all concerned, as Dredd and Lamia deal with the dead.

The latest saga for the Bad Company sees the lads getting that little closer to proving to the world that they’re not Terrorists, as they close in on Crawley, the man responsible for the start of the Ararat War. But what would it truly mean for Bad Company if they were freed from the spectre of war for good?  Kano and the boys might just get to find out as the classic Terrorists storyline wraps up.

ABC Warriors winds up in more of a hmmm than a bang, with the various Blackblood-infused mechs getting their comeuppance in quick fashion. Leaving just Blackblood, Volkhan, and Quartz left for future battles. It’s been a great series, and together with a recent catchup with Mek Files 4, it’s made me keen for much more. But the nagging worry is still there, that it’s a series with so much going for it, just victim of never really finding a way to deliver an ending.

It’s also a slight worry with Brass Sun. Another series that’s running and running with no sense of an ending as yet. But there’s more emotional heft in Brass Sun, especially given the traumatic events of the last few episodes. And that’s the thing that makes me confident that the continuing adventures of Wren will be required reading.


Judge Dredd: Live Evil – Ian Edginton and Dave Taylor

Bad Company: Terrorists – Peter Milligan, Rufus Dayglo and Dom Regan

ABC Warriors: Fallout – Pat Mills and Clint Langley

Future Shock – Sunday Scientist – Pat Mills and Patrick Goddard

Brass Sun: Engine Summer – Ian Edginton and INJ Culbard


And next Prog… it’s all change…

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