Reviews: the regenerating degenerate returns with Deadpool 2

Published On May 15, 2018 | By Garth Cremona | Comics, Film TV & Theatre, Reviews

Deadpool 2,
Directed by David Leitch
Starring Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, Josh Brolin, Zazie Beetz, Brianna Hildebrand, TJ Miller

The sequel to Deadpool sees our hero facing a tragedy that will change his life. Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool, is still a mercenary, but seemingly going after only the bad boys of the world, and still enjoying himself. His home life couldn’t be better as himself and Vanessa are planning to start a family. After tragedy strikes Deadpool reluctantly joins the X-Men as a trainee, and on his first mission he encounters a 14 year old mutant who is being tortured in the Mutant Rehabilitation home that he’s staying in. Travelling back from the future to kill this young man is Cable, but Deadpool is trying to save the young man and therefore puts himself head to head against the relentless, time travelling cyborg.

I really enjoyed the first Deadpool film, I don’t like the character enough to buy his comics regularly though, I tend to read a friend’s copy and then put it down and move on. Like Harley Quinn I think Deadpool is overused in comics and tend to avoid buying their books. However, the first film felt punchy and funny with a great balance of action to story. It was always obvious that they were going to make a second film when that one became such a big hit (deservedly), and there I was today at the cinema where nobody goes and now has no coffee output.

(minor spoiler warnings ahead!)

The story of the time travelling Cable, a fan boy favourite and consistent Deadpool pairing, wanting to come back and kill the young man before he performs the killing of those close to Cable added a different element to the film. Also Deadpool wanting to end his life and being happy to do so gives a great side story to the movie. Returning to the character list is Colossus, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Weasel, Blind Al, and a few new faces, some that last longer than others. When Deadpool and Fire Fist, not joking, aka Russell are sent to a prison for Mutants all attempts by the kid to bond with Deadpool are thwarted.

If this film was thirty minutes shorter, and the self referencing one liners were tighter and funnier, I’d be here gushing over the film. As it stands it goes on a bit too long and drags badly in some places. The sad part about the dragging is that it does so in places where you pretty much know the outcome already, which for me made it a little irritating. I’m sure that the fan boys of Deadpool are going to watch this and love it, then go home and chat for hours with each other about how awesome the film was. I’m not bashing the film in any way, it’s enjoyable, and I laughed a lot, I can’t deny that. But in the second half of the film there were more chances to make it better by cutting than adding. You get the feeling the improvisation that more than likely went on during filming was put in just because more ego than creative thinking was allowed.

Again, for a superhero movie this is great, it is enjoyment in a pure form. It’s not better than the first film, and a lot of sequels fail to be, but does it have to be? Ryan Reynolds and the gang all give good performances, but honestly he could play this role in his sleep. The fans of the character and the first film will tell me that it’s a better film, but for me it isn’t, the first film felt more pure and condensed.

Here there are plenty of moments of enjoyment, but it started to become exceptionally predictable towards the end of the film, I have to be honest here too that I was so ready to leave the cinema at the time of the credits that I didn’t stay for the after credit bits. I often do this with the Marvel films. Running at two hours and with speculation and rumours from Ryan himself that this might be the last film, if you believe that I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you, the fans should lap this up. Remember though that this is one critic’s opinion, and I would pay my own cash to see this in the cinema again, it’s just I just wanted that punchy feel back from the first film.

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  1. amar says:

    Deadpool 2 can be called a film that needs each moment of your complete attention, straight through to the post-credits scene that is inspired- and it completely merits it.