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Published On May 17, 2018 | By Garth Cremona | Film TV & Theatre, Reviews

The Possession Experiment,
Directed by Scott B. Hansen,
Starring Chris Minor, Jake Brinn, Nicky Jasper

Exorcism Horror. When a college student with a strange obsession with the occult decides to do his final project by offering his body to a demon to possess, he causes a chain of events that leads to his downfall.

There are a lot of small budget horrors, there always have been, but as shooting a low budget feature in a cheaper way becomes more accessible to those with even half an idea of any genre and enough low paid performers, we’re seeing more of these coming our way. I don’t mind, I do like a good B-Movie horror, in fact the editor of this site must laugh when these offers to review comes in as I’m always up for a good possession movie. I do have an odd fascination with the subject matter myself I have to admit.

The Possession Experiment is everything you expect it to be as we start in the middle of a possession from many years ago. One of the greatest assets that this film has is the use of make up and practical effects. They don’t have the money for fancy green screens or computer effects, so they have to rely on the basics, and do so with admirable results (let’s be honest, practical effects often suit horror better anyway, regardless of budget). The story finds the obsessive student Brandon offering to stake his soul for the sake of the final project in his college course. He v-logs everything and even has a social media funding page, which raises the cash within a short amount of time.

Another of his class jumps on board – he doesn’t want to do much actual work to get through college, and seeing Brandon’s willingness to do most of the heavy lifting he jumps on the bandwagon. When the story of the student willing to offer their soul gets out there is a public support and debate, with people for and against. Brandon’s Mom is violently against the project, unsurprisingly, and his father has a secret about Brandon’s past that holds the key. When the possession takes place everyone thinks that it’s gone wrong, but they don’t understand that it’s gone exactly how it should have, at least from the point of view of the demon.

The B Movie horror is known for some terrible performances and yes there are many in this film. The script is also on the bad side when it comes to dated 80s style dialogue. What the film gets right and gets it right in a lot of ways is the horror. That may sound strange to some of you folks out there that think even a B Movie horror would get the horror right, but so few do, believe me, I watch a lot of them.

If you can forgive the non-horror build up parts, which show the life of Brandon in college, his relationship with his strange room mate, and wait for some horror you will not be disappointed. As I said make up and practical effects are pretty damn good. There are a few moments that could have been sent to the cutting room floor that don’t make much sense or at least weren’t given the time that they should have been given to be an effective part of the story. There is even an after credits scene, more mid credits, so take that Marvel.

The film tries to comment on social media, what we as the audience of reality shows actually think of what we’re watching, during the live streaming of some of the events, but fails give enough time and energy to those parts. But the question is posed here about how far these reality paranormal shows are willing to go for the show? Are we going to see Yvette and Karl from Most Haunted trying to offer their body to a demon? You get the feeling that some of the American Shows are closing in on this as a Halloween Special. Take The Possession Experiment as a B movie horror, and if you are a fan of that genre, like me, you’ll enjoy it enough that you won’t be disappointed.

The Possession Experiment is available on video on demand now

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