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Published On February 28, 2018 | By Joe Gordon | Comics, Reviews

An Interview with a Vampire,

Jake Parappa Hainey

Still trying to belatedly catch up on several rather neat small press mini-comics I picked up a wee while back at the Edinburgh Comic Art Festival, and this is another one which caught my roving eye and I had to pick up after a quick chat with Jake at his table. I’ve had a life-long love of vampire tales and lore going back to childhood (I blame Bela Lugosi and Christopher Lee in those Universal and Hammer films), and something about this nice, simple but effective cover by Jake, and the riffing on what must be about the best-known vampire novel of the last century also intrigued me.

This is a charming wee mini-comic, comprising a series of black and white, four-panel pages, each one a brief story in its own right, each seeing our eponymous blood-drinker, presented as if in mid-interview, looking right towards the reader or slightly side-on, as subjects are often arranged in television or stage interviews. Each of the four-panel pages reveals a little bit about this rather Nosferatu-style vampire, his life, his likes and dislikes. But, as you might guess from the punning title and cover, this is no woe-filled tale of the anguish and misery of eternal, nocturnal life like Rice’s Interview With the Vampire (I do love that book, but ye gods, Louis does need a kick up the bum sometimes), this is a much lighter and more enjoyable affair.

Here our wee, pointy-eared vampire explains that he likes making his own jam, for instance, or how his online dating attempts haven’t really gone as well as he’d hoped as most women expect vampires to look like Twilight’s Edward Cullen, and, after a sad little pause he adds “I do not look like Edward Cullen.” Jake makes him look so crestfallen at this point that it was hard not to feel very sorry for him and want to give him a wee cuddle. Or what he looks for in a woman (sense of humour, garlic allergy). This is an all-too brief but wonderfully enjoyable collection, delightfully gently funny and warm.

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