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Published On February 13, 2018 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, The Weekly 2000AD

Latest 2000AD Prog, 2068, hits the shelves on Wednesday 14th February… perfect for the loved one in your life!

Cover by Nick Percival, showcasing the final episode of Michael Carroll and Paul Davidson’s Judge Dredd: The Shroud. That’s been a strange thing, way more action than we usually have from Carroll, but it’s been a fun thing nonetheless. The Dredd versus Maul showdown finally happens, and it’s no surprise to anyone that it ‘ain’t Maul coming out on top!

Brass Sun: Engine Summer is almost silent this episode, but it’s truly a beautiful episode, Edginton and Culbard showing once more just how perfect their control of pace and storytelling is. Here we see the return of an old face, and a new look for our hero. And as we near the end of Bad Company: Terrorists, Milligan, Dayglo and Regan are putting the Company through the wringer once more in a cracking bit of old skool 2000AD excitement.

Finally, the real surprise of the last few week…. ABC Warriors and Savage, both written by Pat Mills, share a villain at both the beginning and height of his nefariousness. Howard Quartz features heavily in first ABC Warriors, and then Savage, with plans developing, his mind always seemingly one betrayal ahead of anyone else. And he’s the master of betrayal, whether it’s in the full colour, computer stylised artwork of ABC Warriors by Clint Langley, or the stylish, action-packed black and white art of Savage by Patrick Goddard. I’ve rather failed to engage with both strips previously, but right now, with those connections across time that Mills is cultivating, there’s a fascination with both. Possibly time to go back and re-evaluate both methinks. I won’t be afraid to say I was wrong!

Judge Dredd: The Shroud – Michael Carroll and Paul Davidson

ABC Warriors: Fallout – Pat Mills and Clint Langley

Savage: The Thousand Year Stare – Pat Mills and Patrick Goddard

Brass Sun: Engine Summer – Ian Edginton and INJ Culbard

Bad Company: Terrorists – Peter Milligan, Rufus Dayglo and Dom Regan


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