Peterloo: Witness To A Massacre

Published On February 11, 2018 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Fund This

The Peterloo Massacre is one of the darkest moments in Manchester’s history. On the 16th August 1819, cavalry charged into a crowd of more than 60,000 people assembled to protest and demand parliamentary representation reform at St. Peter’s Field, Manchester. 15 people died, up to 700 people were injured when the cavalry charged into the crowd with swords drawn.

To commemorate the anniversary of the Massacre, Myriad / New Internationalist will be publishing a graphic novel detailing the events of the Peterloo Massacre, drawn from first-hand accounts of events, by Polyp, Poole & Schlunke.

Peterloo – Witness to a Massacre is published in early 2019, with support from a Kickstarter project running until March 10th.

The Peterloo Massacre is relatively unknown beyond Manchester, but this book hopes to bring the tale to a much wider audience. Support within Manchester is already growing. The double page spread that leads this article was turned into a 8ft mural in the historic Manchester Abercromby pub. Christopher Eccleston is writing the introduction to the book, and Maxine Peake has this to say:

“This amazing artwork, combined with a narrative made from the real eyewitness accounts, will make a powerful testimony to the 1819 massacre. The Manchester-based authors have been deeply involved in revitalizing the memory of Peterloo… support this kickstarter project, and help make sure this graphic novel happens.” Maxine Peake

You can find out more at the website: And the Kickstarter for the project runs until March 10th.

A few images/panels from the graphic novel …

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