Outer-space skeletons, Postapocalyptic indians and James Bond

Published On June 13, 2018 | By Wim | Comics, Continental Correspondent

Maybe it’s because it’s too hot with summer coming, maybe summer’s not hot enough, maybe you have exams or maybe your in between jobs – you need comics. And so, here are three brand-spanking new online comics from the continent that you don’t even need to learn another language for.

Ahernaut by Darko Macan

(Ahernaut by Darko Macan)

Kroatian cartoonist Darko Macan (Star Wars, Grendel, Alien) just completed his rather strange and maybe slightly nswf comic, Ahernaut, on the Mojstrip platform. It’s a strange story about an explorer of a strange inner world inhabited by skeletons. When he trades places with one of those boney denizens, both feel ill at ease in their new world — the explorer because he needs to fight all kinds of strange beings to survive, and the skeleton because life in the human world is just too tedious hand he’s too different. There’s probably a myriad of other explanations for this comic, that reads a little like Ralph Bakshi did a take on 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Octopussy by Maarten Vande Wiele

(Octopussy by Maarten Vande Wiele)

Maarten Vande Wiele is probably best known for his brilliant urbanite spoof, Paris, even though he’s made many more comics in his native Belgium that urgently need translating (Abba Seeks Frieda, for example). As an aficionado of vintage glamour, he couldn’t possibly leave the 35th anniversary of the James Bond film, Octopussy, unnoticed. And so he created a retelling of the film in only 007 pages for the Belgian online comic magazine Pulp Deluxe. Seven pages of intrigue, romance and exoticism in a style that could be lifted from sixties illustrated weeklies. Makes you want to read more!

The Seventh by Irek Konior

(The Seventh by Irek Konior)

Finally, on a third platform that really should already be in your “check daily” list, Grandpapier, Polish illustrator and cartoonist Irek Konior has started a new comic about a month ago called The Seventh. Once more, a strange mix of steampunk, western and dystopia, this comic is set in a world after the Indian Wars, when the sky is teeming with large war machines and life has been reduced to survival. A group of friends go out to find out what’s the secret of these machines, the Interkolars. Konior uses a very endearing style, part sketchbook, part watercolour to give this comic a very peculiar feel. He’s currently at 28 pages, so it might just be the right moment to jump in…

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