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Published On March 6, 2018 | By Joe Gordon | Comics, News

(Zarjaz #30 cover artwork by Dan Cornwell)

This March sees UK indy press stable FutureQuake Press marking a bit of a milestone as their long-running 2000 AD fan comic reaches issue thirty. Hitting thirty issues is a pretty high water mark for any small press title, I reckon, but Zarjaz is more than a small press title, it’s a small press title inspired by 2000 AD that actually gets not only happily allowed to work away with no legal problems from Uncle Tharg and Co (to the credit of the 2000 AD crew, who know this is a work of love and can only help increase the appetite for the actual 2000 AD), it has also been known to include contributions from actual 2000 AD staffers and indeed more than a few of Tharg’s art-droids and writer-droids have been known to enjoy reading Zarjaz strips…

(A panel from the Descendants by Darren Chandler and Colin Clayton, showing, to my eye anyway, a rather pleasing Ian Gibson influence; header image from Spare the Rod by Alan Holloway and Dan Goodfellow)

From the description: Peeps the butler droid presents another collection of strips produced under the very nose of Tharg the Mighty. Dan Cornwell swaps his football shirt for a judges helmet as we present an All Dreddworld issue. 48 pages for the incredible price of £3.00. Zarjaz #30 includes Devlin Waugh – Somebody that I used to know by writer Kevin McHugh and artist Lorenzo Nicolettam Judge Dredd – Descendants by writers Darren Chandler and Colin Clayton and artist Darren Chandler, Judge Dredd – Interrogation by writer Gavin Johnston and artist Aaron Murphy, Judge Dredd – No Good Deed by Edward Whatley, Judge Dredd – Spare the rod by writer Alan Holloway and artist Dan Goodfellow, Judge Pigg by writer Rich McAuliffe and artist Mick Cassidy, and Tales of Mega-City One – Madhouse Bop by writer Santiago Mayaud and artist JP Vilchis.

(art from No Good Deed by Edward Whatley)

Check out the FutureQuake Press site for ordering info.

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