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Published On May 14, 2018 | By Richard Bruton | Comics

It’s been too long since my last confession Megazine Preview. Apologies! But I’m back with Megazine 396, full of some absolutely great 2000AD strips and on the shelves on 16th May.

Highlights have to be the finale of not just the latest Dredd Movieverse storyline, but the end of the Dredd Movieverse comics full stop. Arthur Wyatt, Alex De Campi, and Henry Flint get apocalyptic with Dredd, delivering a fabulous ending to what’s been a really great series.

Similarly, it’s time to bid farewell to the excellent Cursed Earth Koburn, featuring some beautiful Ezquerra art. Rory McConville’s story of the maverick lawman deep in the rad wastes has been a classic cowboy tale, complete with some very aposite looks at the modern issues of prejudice in classic 2000AD style.

But for every ending, there’s a beginning. Or at least the second installment of the magnificent return to 2000AD of Brendan McCarthy and Chopper. Ably abetted by writer David Baillie, Chopper is surfing back into the Meg in “Wandering Spirit”, and it’s rather special. Chooper’s return sees him attempting a quiet life in the rad back in Oz, but with a gang of marauding muties attacking the Aboriginal tribe who’ve taken him in, plus the potential destruction of the Dreamtime, Chopper’s back on the board.

We’ve also got the latest episode of the locked room (well, pyramid) mystery of The Returners. Four outcasts are the only ones who can get into the pyramid that’s materialised in the heart of Banana City, the most corrupt Mega-City in the world. It’s intriguingly coming together under the guiding hands of Spencer and Assirelli.

As for the cover, it’s a beautiful looking Dredd by John Higgins for the start of the Dredd/Razorjack crossover storyline, “This Corrosion”. Higgins’ creation is a demonic, immortal, unstoppable nightmare. And she’s got her sights on MC-1. Oh, this looks like it’s going to be a blinder.

As for the full list of what to expect inside…

Judge Dredd: This Corrosion – Part 1 – Michael Carroll and John Higgins

The Returners: Irmazhina – Part 3 – Si Spencer and Nicolo Assirelli

Chopper: Wandering Soul – Part 2 – David Baillie and Brenden McCarthy

Cursed Earth Koburn: The Law Of The Cursed Earth – Part 5 – Rory McConville and Carlos Ezquerra

Dredd: The Deadworld – Part 5 – Alex De Campi, Arthur Wyatt and Henry Flint

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