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Published On May 10, 2018 | By Wim | Comics, Continental Correspondent

Mac Ask and Andreas Håndlykken are two cartoonists and illustrators operating from Oslo, Norway. On their website Strekinstinkt they create the science fiction series Loop, both in Norwegian and in English. They also have a humour series, 4AM, chronicling the adventures of a creative couple trying to make it as musicians. And if you know that these two are called Macy and Andy and that Ask and Håndlykken are a married couple in real life, you can guess that the gags are pretty close to home and at times a bit on the TMI side.

We learn that Andy is fond of hot sauce, and that Mac gets rather obsessed with video games at times. We also find out that having a cat basically means that’s all your life now, having a cat (as it should be – well, according to all cats). And we also get to know their creative friends and their weird and wacky adventures in bars and on buses. And then there’s the story about the mermaid…

The artwork is top notch — cartoony in the stretchy-bendy tradition, but with a great sense of timing. The strip lacks a little in the regular schedule department, but if all of our readers decide to pay them a visit, maybe they’ll pick up the pace. And maybe they’ll also think of an English-language edition of their first collection…

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