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Published On February 8, 2018 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Fund This

Karen Rubins is a comics maker we’ve featured a few times here on the FPI Blog. She’s worked on The Phoenix Comic, Urban Beasts, Blood Magic, and The Tale of Tony Cinderello.

Her latest project isn’t comics as such, but it’s certainly about comics. Comic Turns is a card game about making comics, with its roots in the comic making ideas of Scott McCloud’s Five Card Nancy, and Daniel Merlin Goodbrey’s Hypercomics. Rubins describes it as something that “makes creating comics completely accessible to all, as well as being a fun storytelling game”.

Comic Turns launched on Kickstarter on Wednesday 7th February, you can find that here, and more information at

Comic Turns is a game sytem for comics storytelling, a simple deck of cards with every card a comic panel to arrange to create new strips and countless stories. This wordless system is designed for all ages, but Rubins suggests it’s something best appreciated from 7up. Included in the deck you get a warm-up activity to get ideas flowing, two collaborative games, and a competitive game.

“There are many different ways to play, perhaps infinite ways. Players will be encouraged to submit their own ideas for games to the Comic Turns website, and more “official” rules will be added too, so that Comic Turns is constantly evolving.”

It sounds fascinating, and given Rubins background both in comics and education, it’s definitely something that has merits both for learning and for good old fashioned fun. Rubins credits the genesis of the idea that became Comic Turns with a stint as the V&A’s Comics Art Resident in 2009, where she used a deck of playing cards called Hand of Fate in her workshops and events. She’s been teaching comics to all ages for a decade, with schools, libraries, museums, and students and teachers alike have found Hand of Fate to be a great aid for teaching and learning.

Kickstarter Preview:

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