ComicsFlix and ComicScene… new website, new UK comics mag, and extra Pat Mills!

Published On February 22, 2018 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, News

Always good to be able to tell you about more UK comics websites, but with ComicsFlix and ComicScene UK, it’s a double cause for celebration as it’s a new UK news site for comics PLUS a new UK print magazine all about the world of comics. Over the years, the number of print mags about comics have grown fewer and fewer. We saw the end of Comics International a number of years back, and Comic Heroes went to the great comics mag graveyard last year.

So, it’s welcome aboard to the new ComicsFlix website. Lots of features up there already, with more to come over the weeks and months. But even better is news that we’ll be seeing a new print magazine, full of UK comics news and features. ComicScene UK will launch in May, and go monthly from August. The full-colour A4 magazine will be full of everything and anything to do with the wide world of UK comics, past, present, and future.

Just to give you a small idea of what to expect from upcoming issues:

“Strontium Dog, DR and Quinch, Free Comic Day, 80 years of Beano, The Prisoner and Superman,, “Charley’s War”, “Bella at the Bar”, Slaine, “The Ballad of Halo Jones”, Rok of the Reds, 50 years of fandom and comic con, 40 years of Starlord, 40 years of Misty, 30 years of Tank Girl and Deadline, 30 years of Hellblazer, 20 years of the comic blog Down The Tubes, the new Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker, the return of Roy of the Rovers – plus all the latest news and gossip from the comic, small press, cosplay and related media industry from some of the best writers in the business!”

ComicScene UK will be available by mail order only and you can subscribe in advance right now. The magazine will plough back some of its profits to provide kids comic workshops throughout the UK. The mag will cost £8.50 (£10.50 for Europe, USA, and rest of the world) but subscribe right now for a year and it’s 12 issues for the price of 11. Alternatively, go for six months at just £45 instead of £51.

And as part of the line-up for ComicScene UK, there will be various comic celebrity features and writing. First up is the announcement that Pat Mills, the visionary creator/ first editor of 2000AD, will be contributing a regular monthly column, “The Last Word”. As always with Mills, you can expect something outspoken and informed, inflammatory and passionate. Mills had this to say along with the announcement:

“I’m passionate about British comics and their unique place in the world. Unfortunately, their spirit can be diluted and devalued by trying to emulate the Americans, and by a certain bland, ‘make no waves’ thinking. I’m looking forward to shedding a little light on some dark corners of the industry, and suggesting some possible solutions in my new column: The Last Word!”

Tony Foster, from ComicsFlix Publishing, was full of praise for Mills’ inclusion in the new print mag, ComicScene UK:

“We are very pleased that we have the Godfather of comics writing a regular column for ComicScene UK, Pat has been a success across the world and created some of the greatest comic stories and characters. The ideas, advice and recommendations he will share in ComicScene UK will be worth the cover price alone. We look forward to him having the last word in every monthly issue.”

More news and details as they come out, but right now have a look at the ComicsFlix website, follow them all over social media, and subscribe here.


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