The 2000AD Preview – Prog 2066

Published On January 30, 2018 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, The Weekly 2000AD

Out tomorrow… the latest issue of the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic. Prog 2066 hits the stands at your local comic shop Wednesday31st January. Here’s a quick look around the issue…

Cover this week from Brass Sun by INJ Culbard, looking just as good as the strip does inside. And speaking of inside… well it’s the same lineup as last week, so let’s take a little look inside shall we? It all kicks off with Dredd going fishing…

Judge Dredd: The Shroud – Michael Carroll and Paul Davidson

Captured by slavers in the cold, dead zone round the ruins of East-Meg 1, Dredd is being put to work on the ice fields fishing for squidipedes. And behind it all, there’s the vicious, mysterious Maul, who we’ll no doubt be finding out more about in time. It’s a more action-packed episode than you usually get from Michael Carroll but still a fine episode and some decent art from Davidson.

Bad Company: Terrorists – Peter Milligan, Rufus Dayglo, Dom Regan

Oh, so good. The art from Dayglo and Regan is just popping off the page, all psychedelic bursts of insanity to match the intensity of Milligan’s storytelling. Captures the look and feel of the classic Bad Company so well. On the run from the Earth authorities after revealing the terrible truth behind the war on Ararat, Bad Company have reunited, of sorts, with the missing, presumed dead, Mac. But as usual with Bad Company, things are about to get a lot worse.

Savage: The Thousand Year Stare – Pat Mills and Patrick Goddard

The surprise of last Prog was how enjoyable I found this current run of Savage all of a sudden. It’s always been a strip that I sort of, kind of, maybe enjoyed a little, but never really found myself actually looking forward to it. So why now? Well, some of it has to be Patrick Goddard’s artwork, another one that harks back to classic 2000AD work without looking dated, stark black and white’s suiting him so well. As for the story, last week’s revelations (for me at least, those paying attention to things would have put 1+1 together a while back) of a shadowy elite pulling the strings from behind the scenes in the war is explained to Savage whilst he awaits his punishment. We get to see just what the thousand year stare of the title refers to. It’s not good for Bill.

Brass Sun: Engine Summer – Ian Edginton and INJ Culbard

The trouble with 2000AD and its weekly frequency is that it’s rather unforgiving at times with the sudden changes of pace inĀ Brass Sun. This is one of those episodes where it’s all action, and down to the nature of Edginton’s writing, it’s a fast read. But take a second go at it and linger on the pages, enjoy it for Culbard’s artwork, a sense of choreography and sublime pacing in the panel transitions. Spectacular stuff.

ABC Warriors: Fallout – Pat Mills and Clint Langley

Ok. You know I’m no real fan of either Mills’ storiesĀ in ABC Warriors or Langley’s overly computerised artwork. And something in my head just can’t get any of the recent storylines to click at all. It’s all to meandering and seemingly lacking a point. But…

Yeah, even I have to admit that that opening page by Langley is rather stunning….


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