The 2000AD Preview – Prog 2065

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2000AD Prog 2065 Preview – Out Weds 24th January

Chris Weston on cover duties there, impressive as always. Now it’s time to take you on a quick spin around the latest 2000AD. Prog 2065 is out this Wednesday in all good comic shops.

This issue we have: Dredd, ABC Warriors, Brass Sun, Savage, and Bad Company. All carrying on their respective tales after the recent jumping on issue. The preview happens a little down the page, but first, a sort of spoiler-free mini review thingy. Because, why not?

In Judge Dredd, Michael Carroll and Paul Davidson start a new tale, The Shroud. Or rather a new titled tale that continues straight on from last issue’s finale to Echoes. Dredd’s been investigating what was East-Meg Two, been captured by scavengers, and sold on to slavers, led by Maul. And bless him, Maul thinks Dredd should have a bloody clue who he is….

As for the shroud of the title, that’s the hologram covering the slavers base, keeping Dredd, and a familiar East-Meg Two face from detection. Next up, Dredd goes fishing. Maybe. No idea where Carroll’s going with this one, but he’s kind of made the whole Sov thing his own personal playground in Dredd over the last few years, so I’ll give him a few issues of meandering.

And speaking of meandering… here’s ABC Warriors. Actually, that’s not true. I don’t know if it’s meandering or not. Because I just haven’t been able to get into the strip for years now. All seems too laboured and directionless to me, full of characters making speeches rather than dialogue. Plus I just really don’t like Langley’s overly painted, overly computer effect laden artwork. Now, I know there’s many out there who totally disagree, but we’re just going to have to differ. Fallout seems to be more of the same, as the ABC Warriors split up and Mars gets nuked, or something.

Brass Sun couldn’t be more different to ABC Warriors. It’s got a poetry to it, a grace, subtlety, and I do enjoy it so. The opening panel says it all really…

A choir of spars, the madrigal, the sonatina… all making up the complex mechanical worlds of the Orrery. Vivid imagery, all perfectly captured in Culbard’s artwork. But what really makes Brass Sun so satisfying is the combination of this poetic imagery describing the strange beauty of the idea involved, and the continuing exciting adventures of young Wren et al. Edginton and Culbard balance all the elements so well to make the strip a real delight.

Next up, another strip that’s been just that little bit of a miss for me over the last few series, Savage by Pat Mills and Patrick Goddard. It’s 2015, and Bill Savage is fighting the good fight against the Volgans. Investigating Volgan experiments, he’s about to get a surprise… and if you’ve been paying more attention to Savage than I was, you probably know already.

The whole Volgan thing has been a thread running through so much of Mills’ stories, with Savage being right at the start of it all, him successfully leading the resistance against the Volgs after their invasion of Britain. Here we get Savage investigating Volg occupied Berlin, investigating science experiments. And suddenly, at least for me, things click into place… d’uh! Volgans! There’s bloody Volgans in the ABC Warriors isn’t there? Oh yes, here we go. And suddenly, I’m actually rather enjoying this, just shows what happens when Richard pays attention eh? Patrick Goddard’s art is well worth mentioning as well, stark black and white really brings out the excellent line work here.

Bad Company ends the Prog, and damn, it’s a good series. After discovering the uncomfortable truth behind the Krool war on Ararat, Danny Franks and the rest of Bad Company have been declared terrorists by the authorities, and they’re on the run. Peter Milligan’s right at home here, exploring complex issues of state secrecy, betrayal, the long-lasting effects of warfare on veterans… the same sort of things he’s covered throughout Bad Company. Art by Dayglo and Regan pops off the page, harking back so well to the origins of the strip’s most famous artist, the much missed Brett Ewins.

Ok, that’s what’s going on… now have a look at the art…

Judge Dredd: The Shroud – Michael Carroll and Paul Davidson

ABC Warriors: Fallout – Pat Mills and Clint Langley

Brass Sun: Engine Summer – Ian Edginton and INJ Culbard

Savage: The Thousand Year Stare – Pat Mills and Patrick Goaddard

Bad Company: Terrorists – Peter Milligan, Rufus Dayglo, Dom Regan

Although of course… those last two should look like this…

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  1. Matthew Jones says:

    “Bad Company ends the Prog, and damn, it’s a good series.”

    All credibility out the window with that comment.

  2. Joe Gordon Joe Gordon says:

    Must admit I am with Richard on this one, I’m enjoying the recent Bad Company