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On September 30th, the Netherlands will, for the first time, anoint their official Cartoonist Laureate, or Stripmaker Des Vaderlands. Like their poet counterpart, the winner of this grand title will promote the art of cartooning (and especially Dutch cartooning) all across the country and abroad, and will comment on current events via ad hoc publications.

(TekeningenRekeningen by Maaike Hartjes)

Four artists have been nominated as candidates on July 7th, and the public in general has been invited to vote for their favorite based on the plans they have for promoting comics. Amongst the candidates is Maaike Hartjes, winner of the Stripschapprijs 2016 and probably best known internationally for TekeningenRekeningen, a series of comics on Facebook about freelancing as an artist.

The second candidate is Pieter Hogenbirk, who created numerous series for newspapers and magazines in the Netherlands and also created Paparazzo, the first strip that was exclusively published as a series of postage stamps.

(Margreet De Heer’s view on the Stripmaker Des Vaderlands)

Candidate nr. 3 is Margreet De Heer, one of the barnstormers of the Dutch autobiographical comic strip, and who also created Discoveries in Comics, a quite cute (and interesting!) webcomic about all things Dutch. Fourth and final candidate is Robert Van der Kroft, one of the creators behind the popular Sjors En Sjimmie and Claire comics, and also one of the driving forces behind the Cross Comix Festival.

We will keep you posted as to who wins, and how their various initiatives go.

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