From our continental correspondent – Vincent Bal Lurks In The Shadows

Published On January 10, 2017 | By Wim | Comics, Continental Correspondent


The Belgian writer and director Vincent Bal is not only a celebrated film maker (amongst others of the quite magical Brabançonne and Minoes, which you should definitely check out), he also writes books and seems to be on a constant lookout for the surprising, unexpected side of things. On his Instagram feed, Bal regularly posts cartoons that originate from the “accidental” shadow of an everyday object.


And the results are stunning. I mean, who would expect Mickey Mouse to pop out of a bunch of Brussels sprouts, or that a Christmas robot decoration would harbour a sad Smurf?


Even the negative space of an orange peel hides a polar bear in Vincent Bal’s world.


Bal also has an Etsy store, where he sells prints of some of his doodles, as well as greeting cards.

(all images © Vincent Bal, used for review purposes)

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