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And once more it’s that end of the week time, and that means our weekly, quick-hit, handy round up of news and links spotted over the last few days:

After a hiatus the Caption festival returns with a special event to celebrate the festival’s twenty-fifth anniversary as part of the annual Graphic Brighton: “On Friday 1st December, there’ll be a panel discussion of music and comics with DJ Food and cartoonist The Surreal McCoy, a ‘Pecha Kucha’ series of presentations by comic creators including Hannah Berry, Jaime Huxtable, Daniel Locke, Michi Mathias, Myfanwy Nixon and Simon Russell, and the Caption small press table selling comics by local creators. From 6pm at Phoenix Brighton, 10-14 Waterloo Pl, Brighton BN2 9NB – FREE but £2 donation welcome!

The Pro Cartoonist’s Organisation draws our attention to Gagged, an exhibition to create more awareness of the repression of cartoonists’ work and censorship around the world – many repressive regimes target cartoonists for daring to criticise them (and indeed supposed democracies are as bad, take Turkey’s increasingly despotic Erdogan who has a long history of persecuting cartoonists). Sales of some of the works will go to help affected cartoonists and their families around the world. The exhibition runs from 21st November to 1st December at the Westminster Reference Library, London, with a workshop with The Surreal McCoy and Banx on Saturday 25th and a talk with Andy Davey and Jodie Ginsberg on the 28th.

Teddy Jamieson interviews David Baillie in the Herald, about his career, getting started in writing and comics, his recent success and getting picked up by DC’s esteemed Vertigo imprint: “There was a lot of back and forth because DC is owned by Warner Brothers and they look at everything that comes in the door and there is a movie guy, a TV guy, a computer games guy and a merchandise guy and they all had a bit of advice” (thanks to Matt for the heads-up)

Edinburgh International Book Festival 2017 - David Baillie & Rob Davis 01
(David Baillie on the left, with Rob Davis at the 2017 Edinburgh International Book Festival, pic from my Flickr)

Following the Inking Women exhibition at the Cartoon Museum, the BBC’s Becky Morton looks into the world of UK political cartooning, which is, at least as far as the national newspapers go, almost entirely male-dominated, and talks to a number of female cartoonists about their work and about getting their work seen and appreciated on a par with the “boy’s club”.

(a riff on the “tampon tax” fiasco in this cartoon for WHIP by Alice Skinner)

Related: just as I was finishing this week’s Stuff roundup the Pro Cartoonist’s blog posted on the Political Cartoon of the Year Awards (which take place in London on Novemebr 23rd), and the post notes a stronger female cartoonist contingent than previous years, so there are some encouraging signs, perhaps.

(Theresa May bolts her “strong and stable” door”, by Kate Evans)

There’s an Indie Go Go fundraiser running for Indy horror movie Deep Clean. From the description: “What if the road repair crews you see every day were actually secret council units who’s real job is…fighting demons. This is high concept short film is Shaun of the Dead meets Trollhunter.” The concept reminds me slightly of Hong Kong movie Vamprie Clean Up Department which I saw at the Edinburgh Film Festival this year (and which was fabulous), and I like the idea of this one. Director Matt Harlock, who brought us the excellent American: the Bill Hicks Story documentary, and one of our fave comickers, Krent Able, are the creatives behind the project – they managed a decent fundraiser beforehand, but now if they can get a bit more they can ramp it up a bit, which would be all kinds of awesome.

Deep Clean Indiegogo video from Halflife Films on Vimeo.

Yay! The Chin returns!!! Ash Vs the Evil Dead Season 3 trailer is online, new season coming February 2018! Horror! Splatter!! Chainsaws!!!

Our chums at Edinburgh-based science fiction journal Shoreline of Infinity (who also hold great events regularly in the city) have a call out for women science fiction writers for a special all-women edition to mark International Women’s Day on March 8th – full details here.

The Malta Comic Con has added Lee Townsend, Ian Sharman, Cliodhna, Clint Langley, Leonidas “Steve” Stivaktis and Lea Gerar to their guest list for this year. I’ve heard from several Brit comickers who have attended previous Malta Comic Cons and they’ve had nothing but good things to say about it (plus it means a wee escape from the winter here!). The 2017 Malta Comic Con takes places on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd of December, check the website for more details.

Edinburgh Comic Con has its first poster for their 2018 edition, by Alex Ronald. The con takes place in the Edinburgh International Conference Centre (handily close to the trains and trams at Haymarket) on the 14th and 15th of April, 2018. This will be the con’s fifth anniversary, and their third year at the Conference Centre venue on Morrison Street – I was along last year and thought it had improved hugely in the new location, so much more space, more exhibitors, gaming areas, panel areas, even a wrestling ring! And a nice mix of fans, lots of family groups there and plenty of younglings, which is good to see, looking forward to the 2018 bash.

Fancy owning a piece of sci-fi film history? Bonhams are auctioning one of the original Return of the Jedi Luke Skywalker prop lightsaber. This one was apparently used in the scene where R2D2 fires the hidden saber to Luke to escape the Sarlacc Pit sequence, this was particular prop was the one used in close-ups. It’s up for auction on November 21st and estimates say it may go for as much as $250k – someone may be getting a very special Christmas present! (via BoingBoing)

Maisie Williams is looking forward to wrapping up the final season of A Game of Thrones. Not that the actor is unhappy with the series, but she is also looking to having the free time to pursue other projects – she’s only twenty years old and has been in the show since she was fourteen as the BBC’s Newsbeat article points out.  While she will be in X-Men: New Mutants next year, Maisie explained her first love is really independent cinema, and once her Game of Thrones commitment is over she hope to be able to choose roles she really wants to explore, especially in Indy cinema.

She also wants to be involved behind the scenes, setting up her own production company and hoping to foster making new Indy cinema. Always good to see young talent wanting to explore their range, and even more encouraging when they are so clearly passioniate about helping to make new films from Indy talent. That’s always most welcome, and we wish her the best for her future career – I know she has a huge reservoir of love from her fans, and I imagine many of those will follow and support her career regardless of genre or subject in her roles, perhaps she’ll even introduce some of her fans to new works they may not otherwise have watched. One of the great things about SF&F fans, they tend to follow and support the talent they love, even when they are working outside the genre.

Edinburgh’s blood-soaked horror film fest Dead by Dawn returns next April for what will, remarkably enough, be the horror festival’s twenty-fifth anniversary, an impressive milestone. Passes have already gone on sale, with the twenty-fifth anniversary Dead by Dawn due to take place from April 19th to 23rd 2018 in Edinburgh’s wonderful Filmhouse (long a second home for me), and the longest running genre film fest in the UK intends to continue to support new and emerging talent, which is always a good thing.

The brilliant Tom Gauld riffing on a classic illustrated tale for New Scientist:

And the regular She Reads Comics evening in Forbidden Planet Glasgow went all Halloween for their October meeting this week, with some of the regulars coming along in costume. How great is the grown-up version of Wednesday Addams? “Wednesday is at that special age where a girl has only one thing on her mind” “Boys?” “Homicide.”

And fab to see cosplay from new (but already much loved) series like Stranger Things:

And this conjoined pair wouldn’t be out of place at a family party at the Addams Mansion…

And of course we had some well-known comics characters drop by:

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