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It’s Friday once more, and that means time for our weekly, quick-hit round up of news and links we spotted over the last few days:

One of our favourite creative teams, Metaphrog, have a cool-sounding event coming up soon: The Dark Side of Fairy Tales Exhibition at the Glad Cafe on Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow on November 7th, from 7.30 to 10.30pm, with a short talk, Q&A, music and conversation. Metaphrog’s recent graphic adaptations of Andersen’s The Little Mermaid and were absolutely gorgeous (for both young readers and adults alike), and highly recommended (Little Mermaid reviewed here, and The Red Shoes reviewed here). In related news Metaphrog tell us that the first print run of the gorgeous Little Mermaid has sold out completely, and a fresh print run is coming, so very well done them!

The BBC revealed the name of several of the actors who will be accompanying the new Doctor on her adventures when Jodie Whittaker takes over the TARDIS for the new season of Doctor Who, with Bradley Walsh (Graham Cole), Tosin Cole (Ryan) and Mandip Gill (Yasmin) joining Jodie Whittaker’s Time Lord, with Sharon D Clarke also appearing in what is described as a “returning role”. The BBC also confirmed the new season will consist of a ten-week run, each episode lasting fifty minutes, although the opening episode will be a full hour; the new season airs next autumn, although before then we have the Christmas special and that momemntous regeneration to look forward to. Vworp! (via the BBC)

Star Trek Discovery may only be partway through its debut season, but the new Trek show has already pleased the suits at the studios, who have greenlit a second season already, which is good news. (via CBR)

Oh this made me giggle this week – John Trumbull‘s imaginary DC-Marvel crossover with Captain Marvel (or Shazam as it is titled for legal reasons, but to those of us of a certain age, always Captain Marvel) and Spider-Man, with wedding bells ringing for their relatives (via Comic Book Nostalgia)

And just because it made me laugh so much (and because Animal House is one of my all-time favourite comedy movies), John’s X-Men/Animal House mashup:

The Dundee Comics Creative Space and the Being Human Festival are planning a comic celebrating one of the finest satirical novels every written, Swift’s immortal Gulliver’s Travels, and they are looking for contributors. From the site:

(above, page from an 1864 illustrated edition of Gulliver’s Travels, with art by J.G. Thompson, borrowed from the British Library site)

Jonathan Swift, the world’s greatest satirist and author of Gulliver’s Travels, A Tale of a Tub, and A Modest Proposal, turns 350 in November 2017. The University of Dundee’s Comics Creative Space and the Being Human Festival will team-up to celebrate Swift’s life and legacy. There will be a series of events in Dundee, including talks, workshops, a pantomime, and the launch of a new comic.

You are invited to contribute a story to the comic based on or inspired by Swift’s satire. This follows on the success of previous Dundee Comics Prize publications, Frankenstein Begins: Mary Shelley’s Dundee (2015) and Time and Space (2016), a graphic anthology of comics inspired by the works of H.G. Wells.

Entries to the Swift comic competition should come in the form of 4 – 6 pages of completed comic art. The story may be an adaptation of a story by Swift, or a satire that is inspired by his work. The prize is £300, plus publication of the story. Runners-up may also be published. The deadline for submissions is Sunday 19th November 2017.”

More on the Dundee Comics site here.

Acclaimed horror author Shaun Huston has a new novel out this month, with Chase, and the new book and one of his 1980s novels, Assassin (a supernatural Mafia thriller) have been optioned for potential films, with Huston himself writing the screenplays for both movies.

Slashfilm reports that director James Mangold is actively pushing for a solo X-23 film, following the great audience and critical response to the powerful Logan movie. Speculation that the strong performance and reception of the terrific Wonder Woman film has made the studio suits more receptive to the idea of a female-lead superhero movie.

Patty [Jenkins’] success with [Wonder Woman] only solidifies more for studios that there’s less to fear with a female protagonist. The more that keeps getting hit home, that ends up giving me more space turning around and going, ‘Well here we are with a female protagonist. That’s incredible. And what are we going to do with her?’ And that’s where we are with that [the Laura script] right now, dreaming,” James Mangold talking to the Holywood Reporter.

And on a related, gender-themed note: Amanda Shendruk has a fascinating article, complete with some very good infographics, on gender disparity and abilities in superhero comics. Snip:

The recent theatrical release of Wonder Woman briefly catapulted the question of female superhero representation into the mainstream. For some, the character is a feminist icon — even Gloria Steinem wrote about her — and many fans (though not all) felt this wasn’t just another superhero movie, but rather a pivotal moment in the portrayal of women in popular culture.

Why all the fuss? Well, the truth is that the comics industry has had a complicated relationship with female characters. They are often hyper-sexualized, unnecessarily brutalized, stereotyped, and used as tokens. They’re also rare. Only 26.7 percent of all DC and Marvel characters are female, and only 12 percent of mainstream superhero comics have female protagonists.

I decided to look beyond the gender ratio to see if we could learn more about how females are represented. Using characters from DC and Marvel in the ComicVine database, I analyzed naming conventions, types of superpowers, and the composition of teams to see how male and female genders are portrayed.”

The Horrere indy horror comic is returning – appropriately enough on Halloween with a special edition. A digital version will be available here on October 31st for a bargain price of only £1.50, just in time for you to curl up by the fireside and candles and read away ask strange creatures scratch at your front door or tap on the window panes… Physical editions will follow, and previous volumes can still be bought here.

USA Today has an exclusive behind the scenes video on the forthcoming (only a few more weeks!) Star Wars: the Last Jedi movie. (via Den of Geek)

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