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Published On September 8, 2017 | By Joe Gordon | Comics, Film TV & Theatre

Yep, it’s Friday once more and that means it’s time for Joe and Richard to deliver our weekly, quick-hit round up of news and links spotted over the last few days:

The Vice Mag 2000 AD exhibition Zarjaz, in collaboration with the Thought Bubble Festival has opened its doors in Leeds, at the Gallery at Munro House. From the description: “There will be a truly staggering display of original tribute art and limited edition prints from the finest art droids to grace the pages of 2000 AD and rare opportunity to witness some of contemporary comics’ biggest names deliver their own takes on classic 2000 AD characters. A must for posters and graphic art collectors as all of the unique work on display will be available to add to your collection. ”

The exhibition, marking the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic’s fortieth anniversary year, runs until September 30th; Thought Bubble itself takes place from the 18th to 24th of September. And by way of a wee taster, here’s a look at Tula Lotay‘s fabulous Judge Anderson print for the exhibition:

And having mentioned Thought Bubble – now relocated to September instead of its traditional November slot this year – it seems like a good point to post a reminder of some other up and coming UK-based comics bashes in the very near future:

ICE – International Comics Expo – 2017 edition hits Birmingham this very weekend, the 9th of September!

MCM Scotland will be geeking out Glasgow on September 23rd and 24th at the SEC

And the Nottingham Comic Con returns to the city’s Conference Centre on the 14th of October

And finally, The Lakes International Comics Art Festival takes place 13th – 15th October this year. As usual, the event is packed with really great guests, loads of events, panels, discussions, and exhibitions.

But one that really caught our eye was “The Spirit Of Eisner” exhibition, celebrating 100 years since the birth of the legendary Will Eisner. It opens on the 12th October and runs until the 5th November at the Brewery Arts Centre in Kendall.

The exhibition aims to “celebrate this hugely influential character and comic and to offer a contemporary and original homage to its creator, Will Eisner”,  and features artwork from the LICAF commissioned ‘The Spirit of Eisner’ plus the winning entries from its student competition ‘Revealing the Spirit of the Lake District’. The Spirit Of Eisner is a 12-page broadsheet newspaper of ten tales inspired by Eisner’s Spirit all co-ordinated and designed by Sean Phillips. Writers and artists include Sergio Aragonés, Seth, Chris Samnee, Jason Latour, Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips, Becky Cloonan, Graham Dury & Simon Thorp, Brendan McCarthy, Peter Milligan & Duncan Fegredo, John M Burns and Jonathan Ross & Bryan Hitch. Yes, that’s a pretty impressive list!
The newspaper will be on sale at the festival with proceeds towards LICAF’s Artists’ Development Fund.

Howard Hardiman’s Badger was a huge favourite of Richard’s back in the day, and it’s with great pleasure that we can share the news that the wonderful Badger is back, with all the quiet sweetness and beautiful heartbreak of before. This time, Badger has settled down a little and may, just may, have found happiness.

Badger & Vole…

“Badger and Vole spend a quiet day together in their home in Sanday, one of the Orkney Islands. A day spent with tea, cows, gardening and reading is a day that is very well-spent indeed.”

Grab your copies at Howard’s store.

There are many incredible artists appearing at this year’s Thought Bubble, and if only I (Richard) had time, I’d be delivering a rundown of all that’s good and great debuting there this year.

But here’s one I would certainly recommend to you …. Julia Scheele has a new zine of doodles and personal drawings coming to you at her table at Thought Bubble.


Top Brit small press stable FutureQuake Press has a couple of new releases just out. Their 2000 AD Strontium Dog publication Dog Breath (always a fun read) hits issue 33, an impressive number for a small press title to reach, I reckon. And, just perfect for the approaching long, autumnal evenings, the 2017 volume of Something Wicked is available now too. From the description:

Can you feel it? The season has changed, the nights are drawing closer and there is a chill in the air. Time to hunker down and read the latest collection of tales from Something Wicked. In the latest issue among the strips we visit with demons, take a leisurely stroll in the woods, and then, following a major morning after the night before we discover that some things shouldn’t be on social media. And we even have a cover by rising Star Dan Cornwell to top it all off.

(a panel from Aokigahara by Travis Stunt and Luigi Criscuolo, from the 2017 Something Wicked)

The remarkable Voyager 1 spacecraft celebrated its 40th anniversary earlier this week (August 5th), and to mark the occasion a number of special messages were beamed to the incredibly distant craft, now billions and billions of miles from Earth. William Shatner – Captain Kirk himself – visited JPL to read a message selected from online entries – Shatner read a simple birthday message to be transmitted, written by Oliver Jenkins: “We offer friendship across the stars. You are not alone.”

After four decades in space and years on from its last planetary encounter, both Voyager 1 and 2 are still, incredibly, working and daily send back useful scientific data. Just a few years ago Voyager 1’s instruments, which had been tracking the waning influence from our sun as it travelled outwards from the solar system, detected an absence, meaning it had finally left the boundaries of our own solar system. The first human-built craft to enter interstellar space. Yes, I know it’s not quite the Enterprise or warp speed, but the first baby steps, and truly remarkable ones at that…

During the Edinburgh International Film Festival back in June I saw The Farthest, an inspiring documentary on the Voyager programme (review here) – that film has been doing the rounds in Ireland and I hear it will be getting screenings in the UK in coming weeks, I highly recommend it.

Marking the completion of Twin Peaks: the Return, Brazilian artist Cristiano Siqueira – aka Cris Vector – has created a super set of Twin Peaks posters – here’s one as a wee taster, check out the rest here. (via IO9)

The Band Aid site has a bunch of classic radio shows, sorted by genre, including a whole slew of science fiction, including gems like Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future, the radio version inspired by one of the greatest of all Brit comics characters, Earthsearch, Buck Rogers and the Fantastic Four Radio Show among others. One to bookmark!

Star Wars Episode IX has lost its director, Colin Trevorrow, with he and Lucasfilm citing that old bugbear of differing “visions”. Coming just a few months after the Han Solo spin-off film also changed directors it doesn’t project the best image for the current works in progress – chopping and changing directors in Hollywood is often – although of course not always – seen in the industry as a project having production troubles. Hopefully any problems will be smoothed over though, but it’s always a worrying sign when a production drops a major player.  (via the BBC)

Tom Gauld’s latest from New Scientist made me giggle:

Chris Riddell draws on A Game of Thrones for this recent Guardian cartoon on lame-duck prime minister Theresa May:

And lastly we leave you with animated Lego Grand Theft Auto by Nukazooka! Brilliant! (via BoingBoing)

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