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Published On August 25, 2017 | By Joe Gordon | Animation, Comics, Film TV & Theatre

And somehow it’s the end of the week again and that means time for our usual weekly round up of news and links Richard and Joe have spotted over the last few days:

The Word Balloon podcast talks with Brit comics godfather Pat Mills about his new book Be Pure Be Vigilant Behave-2000AD and Judge Dredd The Secret History.

Knight Errant Press has a call out for comics submissions on gender, with the window for entries closing on September 14th, so if you want to take part you’ll need to get your skates on! From the description:

We’re an independent press dedicated to amplifying voices from the margins in the process of assembling our first anthology. Looking for contributions from comix creators. Deadline: 14th September ’17

How does gender shape our destiny, our identity? What are the ways in which gender interacts and intersects with our other identities? How can we break the barriers imposed on us by binary gender roles? What happens when we transgress?

Those are the few questions we would like the submissions to our first collective crowdfunded project to touch upon. The topic is vast. There is a lot to discuss. Treat it like a pool of ideas. Fish out the one that is closest to your heart and run with it. At the end of it all there will be a book worthy of note!

The subject of gender is difficult to narrow down without excluding entire groups of people. Instead, we want to present the phenomenon of gender as a whole by exploring a variety of individual stories. We want you, the writer, to negotiate with this subject as you see fit.”

Gal Gadot tweets that the brilliant Wonder Woman movie closes the summer cinema season with an incredibly impressive $800 million box office haul. And that’s before the Blu-Ray/DVD/cable TV/Streaming etc monies start to come in… I’ll be adding WW to my movie library as soon as the Blu-Ray hits the shelves.

This is just absolutely gorgeous – cartoonist and animator Nina Paley’s animation God=Mother is enchanting and mesmerising, drawing in the viewer into a celebration of the ancient goddess myths, which were far more common in the distant, early days of human culture (carved-stone goddess figurines have been found in archaeological sites, dating back thousands and thousands of years, such as on Malta). Give yourself a wee ten minute break, sit back and lose yourself in this animation (via BoingBoing):

God-Mother from Nina Paley on Vimeo.

On Splinter Cory Thomas has a strip, “Wake Up America – Terrorism is Here!” But this is no anti-immigrant rant and instead focuses on the home-grown, mostly angry white males who have caused serious terrorist offences yet still blame others for the crimes they commit; snippet here, click the link for the rest (link via Comics Reporter):

Corey Pandolph comments on Trump’s former aide returning to right-wing news (I use the word news quite wrongly here, I suspect) outlet Breitbart in the New Yorker:

And another from the New Yorker, this time David Plunkert‘s cover for the August 28th issue:

Benn Jennings on the argument between health secretary Jeremy Hunt (yes, I believe that is rhyming slang in the health service) and Professor Stephen Hawking on the NHS and politicians “cherry picking” elements of research to “prove” their points and justify changes or cuts (seriously, Jeremy, you are arguing with one of the most intelligent humans on the planet, you’re really unlikely to win here…):

A little late on this one…. Stephen Collins on A Level results…..

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