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Published On August 11, 2017 | By Joe Gordon | Comics, Film TV & Theatre

Yep, it’s that time of week again, when Richard and Joe scoop up some of the interesting stories, news and links spotted over the last few days:

The new Doctor, Jodie Whittaker, gave her first broadcast interview since the news about her casting as our favourite Time Lord broke. Talking to BBC 6Music’s Shaun Keaveney, Jodie talked about the excitement over landing this unique role, about being a woman playing this iconic character, the reaction of fans (thankfully she’s not on social media so missed the Grumpy Men who raged about it, and mostly saw the good reactions via friends, edited, as she pointed out). There’s an especially nice moment where she talks about advice from previous actors who played the Doctor, and the general feeling from them is that she is about to embark on a wonderful journey. I have been a Who fan since I was a very small boy, the Doctor has been one of my heroes for my whole life, and I am very much looking forward to going on that new journey with Whittaker’s incarnation.

The BBC site has a decent-sized article celebrating the contribution of Scottish female comickers as the University of Dundee (a great place for new comics talent) holds their Girls In Print exhibition (which runs until 21st October). The piece talks to a number of female writers and artists, from Louise Quirion who is the curator of the exhibition to creators like Tanya Roberts, Vikki Stonebridge (co-founder of the much-missed Hi-Ex comic con in Inverness as well as a creator), and the fine Team Girl Comic collective, with TGC’s Gill Hatcher commenting:

The number of women and girls in Scotland both attending comic events and making comics has exploded in recent years. When TGC began in 2009 we were a very small tight-knit group, but the number of people getting in touch and asking to join keeps on growing. There are a lot more opportunities for young people to learn the craft of writing and drawing comics, and lots more channels for them to get their work out to a wider audience. And gradually, as more women have got involved in the Scottish comics scene, the more it has opened up to new creators who might have previously felt intimidated or unwelcome.”

(That Girl Comic, a new anthology from Team Girl Comic)

Really nice to see Scottish women in comics being highlighted like this by the Beeb. Any medium needs to grow, evolve, innovate (just think on how those 60s counter-culture Comix kicked the medium up the backside or how the 70s/80s punk ethos fed into new works like the young 2000 AD, for example). Any medium that doesn’t becomes dull, stagnant. And one of the ways that evolution and change comes if from happily incorporating more diverse creators across gender, age and ethnic grounds (and readers along the same broad lines too). I love the sheer diversity in comics today, all sorts of creators telling all sorts of tales on almost every subject, in different ways, styles and approaches; that richness is manna for readers and something to always be encouraged.

Acclaimed Mexican cartoonist Eduardo del Rio – better known as Rius – has passed away at the age of 83. Much loved across Latin America for his wicked satire and caricatures, Rius had a career than spanned a remarkable five decades, turning his satirical ire on every subject, from politics to football, also using his humour and cartooning to make a range of complex subjects easily understandable and accessible to a wide audience, and was as much admired for his intellect and passion for sharing that knowledge as he was his satirical cartooning.

Huge news from bestselling author Mark Millar as he announces that his Millarworld imprint has been sold to Netflix, which I’d assume means Netflix gets access to a whole bunch of properties for possible adaptations. It’s obviously a huge deal for the writer and all those involved, (including his wife Lucy, whose business acumen he pays tribute to), and the many artists who have been involved over the years too. The Kingsman and Kick Ass stories are tied up in their own Hollywood deals, Millar adds, but I suspect it won’t be long before we hear news of other Millarworld tales that Netflix are keen to develop into other media.

Juxtapoz‘s Gabe Scott interviews the great Ralph Steadman, here’s a brief taste:

Gabe Scott: Since we last met on your 80th birthday, both Trump and Brexit have come to pass. Can you please tell me what the hell is going on? Of course, some of your best work was born in and around volatile periods of modern history. Has all this global political bullshit motivated you to act out in the name of creative decency?

Ralph Steadman: Yes, I want to hide. I don’t think I can remember a time as bad as this in politics. The entire time I’ve been doing political drawings, and I thought it was bad with Nixon.

Scott: It’s that bad, in your opinion?

Steadman: Oh, it’s worse than that—at least Nixon was a bonafide politician. He had a certain agenda, even if it was a slightly underhanded one. Now it’s just buffoons. Not only that, you’ve got this manic Islamic state stuff as well—that’s a load of hooey, that’s what that is. There’s a lovely actor, the one from Better Call Saul, Bob Odenkirk. I met him and he gave me his book, A Load of Hooey. That’s really what we’re going through at the moment. It’s such a shame, no one seems to have learned anything.”

This year’s Lakes International Comic Art Festival will see the return of Finnish creators Johanna Rojola and Petteri Tikkanen, plus a Finnish Village to celebrate all things Nordic (including the wonderful Moomins!). From the description:

Grab your towel and immerse yourself in all things Finnish as LICAF showcase the best of current Finnish comics; pay homage via commissions, exhibitions and films to the life and work of internationally-renowned artist Tove Jansson (creator of the Moomins) and provide a taster of the ultimate Finnish experience the wood-fired sauna.

The equivalent of Britian’s Comics Laureate in Finland, Johanna Rojola is one of the country’s leading comic artists and featured as part of our 2017 celebration of art and comic art in Finland.

A comic art rock star in Finland in every sense Petteri Tikkanen is a universe all of his own. Gorgeous drawings, great narratives and his transformation into alter ego Black Peider – and make him irresistible…

Along with opportunities to meet both of the visiting comic artists, Kendal will host three exhibitions; Tales from a Nordic Archipelago, a documentary photographic exhibition on the life of Tove Jansson, creator of the world-famous Moomins, at Kendal Museum; Archipelagogo, a newly commissioned multi-media exhibition by Jonathan Edwards and Felt Mistress (see image below) with soundtrack by Andy Votel to celebrate the work of Tove Jansson, at the Wildman Gallery; and Finnish Comics Now: an exhibition of digital prints of new Finnish Comics, organised by the Finnish Comics Society in the Wildman Performance Space.”

Malcy Duff has quite a bit of news, with new comics and music, more on the way soon and a collected edition of his earlier works too, so rather than paraphrase I’ll just post what Malcy himself told us about the various titles:

Pink Rat, by City Vegetables. A story of adding things to a city, some things more welcomed than others. This is the first City Vegetables audio release, and is now available on a limited edition pink cassette housed in a pink case.

City Vegetables Newsflash: an infrequent A3 double sided publication of comix, drawings, writings, collage… relating to City Vegetables. These will be available to buy at gigs and by contacting – issues 1, 2 and 3 available now, all orders over £3 will receive The City Vegetables Badge

Also Recently Released…

Welcome Hurricane Gertrude, Anla Courtis, Grant Smith, Fraser Burnett, Ali Robertson, Malcy Duff
Limited Edition Cassette on LF Records

“Months before this mighty Brexit mess, an seaward storm threatened to rip Scotland asunder from the British Isles. By a stroke of luck, it also uplifted and dropped the Argentinian sound shaper Anla Courtis (Reynols) straight into Edinburgh where like a modern day Dorothy he crashed into the Oz-like studio of Grant Smith (Muscletusk). Strange times indeed. Waddaya do when a hurricane drops in? Grab the microphones, call up the crew, hit the button and buckle up. Joined by Fraser Burnett (Fordell Research Unit), Malcy Duff and Ali Robertson (Usurper), this is a case of a lotta hands make delicate work. Two sides with field recordings, employing sounds of the aforementioned ‘Hurricane’ Gertrude (winds, storm) and a even a dishwasher rinse cycle. There’s also the gentle thrum of man-made interventions, spirit voices, glooped out improvisation and squalled moments inside the eye of the storm – all schemed out over a vegetarian buffet at Kalpna’s curry restaurant. This music is a beautiful meditation on the elements, a refraction of light, air and water all at once.”

Coming Soon…

The Official Autobiography Of Florence Foster Jenkins : Chapter 39 and A Comix Collection by Malcy Duff, collecting together 5 comix from 2011 – 2012.”

Games Radar notes that Entertainment Weekly has a new batch of photos from the sets of Star Wars: the Last Jedi to whet our appetites (so desperate to see this!). Here are a handful, click the link to see the rest:

Kick out the blues and shake your intergalactic thang to this ridiculously joyful “Guardians’ Inferno” music video promoting te forthcoming DVD, Blu-Ray and digital release for Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, all done in a faux-1970s video style and complete with the cast members turning up and the Mighty Hoff himself! Huge fun!

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