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Published On July 14, 2017 | By Richard Bruton | Books, Comics, Film TV & Theatre

Time once more for that highlight of your week, as Joe and Richard take a stab at rounding up all of that comic news that you may have missed:

Spider-Man Homecoming opened last weekend. And the overall impression you get from everything written and said about it thus far is “Wow, this is the Spidey movie we’ve all been waiting for at last“. Congratulations to Tom Holland on really nailing the part and giving us the Peter Parker that we grew up reading and a Spidey that works for the modern Marvel cinematic universe.

With an opening weekend of $117 million in the USA and $140 million internationally, the $257 million stacks up pretty well. Although surprisingly, it’s still not the biggest opening weekend for a Spidey movie. That goes to Spider-Man 3. Yeah, so much for numbers being a mark of quality, eh?

Deeply saddened to learn this week of the passing of Sam Glanzman, not just a great comics creator but also one of the ever-dwindling band of World War II veterans. Sam worked on so many different titles and drew in various styles and subjects across his long career, from Hercules and Tarzan to Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, but he is perhaps best known for his many tales of combat, chief among them his USS Stevens tales, based on his own wartime service on that vessel, which brought the stories a powerful authenticity, told by one who was there.

We posted recently on a fundraiser for Sam’s medical expenses following an accident, and it’s a blow to learn that he never really recovered, instead passing away at the age of 92. I don’t doubt like many of the remarkable generation who endured that conflict on the behalf of future generations he probably felt he had a good innings, unlike some of his friends, the ones who never got to come home from the war and who were clearly in his thoughts in some of his works. Be at peace, Sam, you have earned it, and your old shipmates will be waiting for you. Here’s a link to James’ review of Sam’s A Sailor’s Story, which Dover republished just a couple of years ago.

How amazing is this? Five years on since we lost the great Maurice Sendak, surely one of the most famous and influential picture book illustrators of the 20th century, there is a new book to look forward to. Lynn Caponera, president of the Maurice Sendak Foundation was going through some archive material and notes when she discovered treasure – a typed manuscript of a story called Presto and Zesto in Limboland, co-written with one of his regular collaborators, Arthur Yorinks. And along with this complete story which has been hidden away for years in the archives there is the art, which Sendak created back in 1990 for a London Symphony Orchestra performance of Leoš Janáček’s Rikadla, a 1920s piece which is based on nonsense verse from Czech nursery rhymes. Michael di Capua Books/HarperCollins will publish Presto and Zesto in Limboland in 2018, and the world gets the wonderful present of a new Sendak book to read, years after we lost the master. How wonderful. (via Publishing Weekly)

Those splendid folks at Broken Frontier have a brand-spanking new Small Press Yearbook out – from the description:

Our second showcase celebration of our Broken Frontier ‘Six Small Press Creators to Watch’ initiatives spotlighting the work of Rebecca Bagley, Kim Clements, Brigid Deacon, Emily Rose Lambert, Jey Levang and Ellice Weaver with supplementary stories by Rozi Hathaway, Danny Noble, Emma Raby, EdieOP, Tim Bird, John Riordan, Rachael Smith, Steve Tillotson and Grace Wilson.”

Selected by BF you know this is going to be more top Indy comickers and a great way to introduce you to new talent – you can order it from Andy Oliver’s Big Cartel shop here.

SelfMadeHero are calling for contributions for comics on the theme of Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn, for a collection which will also include work from the likes of martwin Rowson, Stephen Collins, Karrie Fransman and Steve Bell. The closing date is soon – August 9th – so you better get your thinking caps on if you want to try out! Check the SMH site here for full details

Gareth Brookes has an exhibition of his art, including his recent and fascinating A Thousand Coloured Castles at the WAR Gallery on London’s Eltham Road from August 4th to 30th – more details here on Facebook and you can read a guest Commentary post by Gareth talking about how he created A Thousand Coloured Castles here on the blog.

Turkey Pulse notes the passing of acclaimed Turkish comics writer and cartoonist Galip Tekin at the age of only 59 years old. Sometimes compared to Enki Bilal, the cartoonist was found in the entrance to his home and appears to have suffered a heart attack.

One of Britain’s greatest comics characters, much beloved here on the blog, Dan Dare is returning to a new mini-series of comics, reports The Beat. Titan will be publishing the series starting in October, with Brit comics veteran Peter Milligan writing, and with artwork by Alberto Fouche. I am loving this variant cover by the always-brilliant Chris Weston (and you just know that Chris probably loved creating this):

Christel Dee guest-blogs on The Time Ladies about the most recent companion in the long-running, much-loved Doctor Who series, Bill Potts, and what it meant to her and others to have an openly gay character on such a hugely popular show. Rather nicely, I think, Christel also includes a round up of opinions from other people via Twitter, to add to her own thoughts on the subject so more opinions get aired.

Actor Jason Flemyng (X-Men First Class, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels) has his directorial debut, Eat Locals, at one of the highlights of the horror-hound’s calendar, FrightFest on August 26th at the Prince Charles Theatre in London (and bonus for Who fans, it also stars Freema Agyeman!).

From the synopsis:

In a quiet country farmhouse, Britain’s vampires gather. They come together once every 50 years to discuss territories, disputes, threats and food stocks, and the approval of new members. On this night, a new face will be meeting them for the first time, and – if the vote is unanimous – could be the latest member to join their fanged ranks.

This new face, however – local lad Sebastian Crockett – merely thinks he’s on a promise with sexy cougar Vanessa.

Unluckily for all, Sebastian’s not the only guest who’ll be dropping in tonight. A detachment of Special Forces vampire killers led by Colonel Bingham has tracked the coven to this remote location, although they’ve bitten off far more than they can chew: they expected one vampire, not an entire coven.

With barely a handful of men ill-equipped to take down such a bloodthirsty clan, Bingham must keep the vampires pinned down while the fractious coven must put their own differences aside if they’re to escape before dawn.

For Sebastian, the soldiers and the coven, it may not only be the worst night of their lives. It may be their last.”

Eat Locals will be released in selected cinemas from 1st September and on various video on demand services from October 30th

The first teaser trailer for the live action film based on the immensely popular Bleach manga series has hit the interwebs (via Newsarama):

Chris Riddell on the “special relationship”:

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