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Published On June 2, 2017 | By Richard Bruton | Animation, Comics, Film TV & Theatre

Time again for another quick wander through the comic newsy world….

With the mighty Wonder Woman having her big screen outing this weekend, Nerdist has this fabulous salute to different eras of Wonder Woman and different eras of pop, using iconic songs by landmark female singers, slightly tweaked to suit our favourite Amazonian. Love this! (via BoingBoing)

New work up by the always brilliant French creator Boulet, this time on LA and actors (or at least actor-wannabees).

Click here to read the full thing.

Our cousins across the pond in FPNYC have a great double-header coming up this month, with Chip Zdarsky and Adam Kubert signing Peter Parker: the Spectacular Spider-Man on June 21st at 6pm.

The Cardiff Independent Comic Expo has a welcome return to the UK comics calendar, with the 2017 – remarkably the sixth one already! -edition taking place on Saturday 8th of July at the Cardiff Masonic Hall, championing all things Indy. From the description:

With over 90 exhibitor tables, a retro-gaming zone, a kids creativity area, and a full programme of events (talks, live art events, and panel discussions on Indie press, working in the Comics and Gaming industries, creativity and more), there’s something for everyone!

Special Guests include artists who began in the indie scene : Jon Davis-Hunt (Clean Room and The Wild Storm for Vertigo) and Rufus Dayglo (Tank Girl and 2000AD). They are joined by 2000AD artists: Ben Willsher, Mike Collins, David Roach, Dylan Teague, Patrick Goddard, (and joining CICE for the first time) Lee Carter and Henry Flint, along with Marvel UK artist Simon Williams, and hugely successful independent illustrators Godmachine and Simon Gurr.

More exceptional creators complete our Guest line up: Sarah Graley (Our Super Adventure and Kim Reaper), Tom Eglington (writer for 2000AD and Piccadilly Press) and The Etherington Brothers (Long Gone Don, Monkey Nuts and Von Doogan for DFC / The Phoenix).

They are joined by superbly talented indie creators including: Anastasia Catris, The Pride, Sarah Millman, Attic Studios, Vince Hunt, Big Punch Studios and many more…”

Sunao Katabuchi’s In This Corner of the World has been generating a huge amount of buzz among animation lovers, and I’m delighted to see that it is going to appear as part of the Edinburgh International Film Festival (the world’s oldest continually running film fest) later in June.

As regular readers know that’s a regular fixture on our own editor Joe’s calendar so no doubt he will be trying to add that one to his festival shows. For those not near enough for the film fest though (it is also appearing at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival and the LA Film Festival in early June), worry not as In This Corner of the World will be in selected UK cinemas from June 30th, and from what the grapevine has been saying it’s going to be one a lot of us want to see.

French creator Emma has a comic in the Guardian, “You should have asked”, pondering the “mental load”, where a male partner does help with household chores – but only when asked or told what needs done and when…

Finally, this is the opening weekend for the first film featuring the mighty Wonder Woman, and the buzz has been terrific about it (apart from some very sad little boys who whined about a woman-only night screening, their vitriolic response pretty much showing why it was indeed a good idea). Our own Garth Cremona’s review is here on the blog, but we’ll leave you with best wishes for enjoying a cinematic outing with our favourite Amazonian and all she embodies (power, grace, bravery but always tempered with compassion and sensitivity) and this image of two Wonder Woman stars, the film’s Gal Gadot and the classic TV show’s Lynda Carter, looking absolutely fabulous at the world premiere.

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