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Published On May 12, 2017 | By Joe Gordon | Books, Comics, Film TV & Theatre

Yep, time once more for our weekly quick-hit, cut-out-and-keep round up of links and news we spotted over the last few days:


It’s with great pleasure that we point this out to you, FPI Blog contributor and true gent James Bacon is chair of the Dublin World Con 2019 bid and here he talks all about the bid process.

Of course, we have a vast amount of work to make the Worldcon in Ireland the success that we hope and desire for. To help make it the great celebration, the fabulous social scene and all so much that excites and entertains and educates and enhances. There is so much more work to be done, so many people to recruit, so many others to welcome back, and all of us bring to fruition a really amazing weekend.

We have 834 days until we hope to host a Worldcon in Ireland, and I know that each and every one of those days, someone, no, many people actually will be working every single day to bring passions to fruition, making sure the structures and systems are humming along, bringing their dynamism to make sure that we can give a big welcome to thousands of people to an Irish Worldcon.

World Con is the World Science Fiction Convention, the biggest sci-fi literary event in the world. We’re sure that James and his bid team will do a phenomenal job of bringing the event to Dublin in 2019. Good luck with the bid one and all.

First trailer for the eagerly awaited / worried it’s never going to live up to the original * (*delete as applicable) Blade Runner 2049

Final trailer for Wonder Woman, debuting on June 2nd.

Now there’s been various opinions expressed online (oh, that’s a surprise) regarding the relatively low key promotion that WW seems to have. Compare its online presence with GOTG2 and you feel that something’s up. Will it be a hit? Will it be the turkey people are suggesting Warner Bros feel it will be based on the low key promotion? June the 2nd… we’ll all be able to find out.

Based on the trailers, I’ve gotta say that I’m hopeful of good things. Although there is one particular bit of marketing that I have to join in with the unanimous derision…

Yep, the premier feminist female superhero icon advertising diet foods called Think Thin. Oh my. Really?

Think this, from The Mary Sue, nails it..

This cross-promotion is full of the mixed messages of unrealistic standards women have forced upon them their whole lives. We’re supposed to be as strong as Wonder Woman but also expected to “think thin,” to keep our bodies small and unimposing, preferably to the point of having no body at all. Hopefully the movie itself does a better job of promoting representation of a stronger, unapologetically impressive sort of woman.

The first trailer and poster for The Limehouse Golem, based on the Peter Ackroyd novel, adapted by the always-brilliant Jane Goldman, and starring the excellent Bill Nighy, has hit the web.

From the description: “A serial killer stalks the Limehouse streets of Victorian London in 1880, the terrified population of this squalid district of the East End believe that the “Golem”, a monster from Judaic mythology, is responsible. Inspector Kildare of Scotland Yard is handed the impossible task of solving these heinous crimes and his investigations lead him on a race across the capital from The Old Bailey, to Newgate Prison, to the music halls of London and the British Museum. His chief suspects are music hall superstar Dan Leno, political agitator Karl Marx, writer and philosopher George Gissing and journalist John Cree. Kildare believes that famed performer Little Lizzie Cree, who is almost certainly destined to hang for the poisoning of her husband, holds the key to the identity of the real Golem. Kildare must solve the case and in doing so, he believes he will save the life of Elizabeth Cree.”

The Limehouse Golem is due for release in the UK on September 1st.

It’s been announced this week that there will be a third Hellboy movie. Alas this new outing for Mike Mignola’s wonderful creation (one of my personal favourite comics) will not be the longed-for threequel to the two Guillermo Del Toro movies that many hoped for but which never seemed to get any closer to reality, nor will it star Ron Perlman as Big Red. Instead this will be an “R” rated reboot by Neil “Dog Soldiers” Marshall, and starring Stranger Things’ David Harbour as Hellboy.

I imagine like a lot of fans I’ve mixed feelings about this – as soon as the first movie was announced I thought I hope they cast Ron Perlman, as I was sure he was perfect for the job, having watched him in movies ever since Cronos and Name of the Rose. And then they did cast him, and he was perfect for the role… Which is not to say another actor can’t do something different and interesting with the role of course, but boy, that will be a tough act to follow as Ron was a natural in that role. Still, new HB movie to look forward to! (via Live For Film)

The Off The Charts podcast talks to Doctor Michael Green, who is one of a number of medical professionals who have embraced the therapeutic power of Graphic Medicine. We know this is a growing field, with both patients and medical professionals alike using comics as a way of exploring problems, stress, illnesses and emotions, so it’s interesting to hear a lecturer talk about teaching it in a course to up and coming doctors. (thanks to Matt for the link)

Good chum of the blog and quality Northern Ireland scribe (dipping his pen into comics, screenwriting and prose with equal dexterity) Andy Luke is the latest creator to add the Patreon system to his site. With a new work, Ignacz the Thief, coming soon it’s a good time to support Andy via Patreon and get first reads of Ignacz, with other sponsorship earning further rewards such as signed works, ebooks, art and of course Andy’s gratitude for helping him to keep working.

Big news from the venerable 2000 AD camp – Rebellion has struck a deal with independent TV creators IM Global to develop a live-action Dredd series, Judge Dredd: Mega City One. One of the exec producers from IM Global is Mark Stern, who also worked on developing the new Battlestar Galactica, Helix and Defiance, so there’s some good form in there for quality, dramatic science fiction. The show is in the early stages of planning, but it is thought it will be an ensemble piece using a large cast of Judges and no doubt other Mega citizens and characters. I think one of the reasons Dredd remains so popular after forty years is that the set of MC-1 offers an almost unlimited array of potential stories, from the small, intimate, character-driven to the massive epic, and surely that’s a potential goldmine for TV writers as much as it is for comics writers and artists? (via Entertainment Weekly)

Anonymous street artist Banksy is supposedly behind this European Union mural in Kent, close to the Dover port which runs constant services to and from the Continent, with a workman chiseling one of the stars from the EU flag. Since the BBC reported on this earlier in the week I’ve seen other posts elsewhere claiming this isn’t a Banksy, but quite how you prove it one way or the other I’m not really sure…. Interesting image either way.

The always brilliant Tom Gauld, this time with a handy Eccentric Family Generator for Novelists. Very useful!

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