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Published On March 10, 2017 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Film TV & Theatre

Welcome, welcome one and all.. to the latest quick hit of newsy things….

Well, it happened last time with Capaldi, and now, with the BEEB building up to the announcement of the next Doctor Who, it seems those who might be in the know are looking to make a little money on the side again. There’s reports all over that bets have been suspended on actor Kris Marshall taking over as the Doctor.

The actor recently quit Death In Paradise, citing the difficulties of being too far from home and family shooting in the ever so challenging location of the Carribean island of Guadeloupe. But is it merely a coincidence that he’s coming back to Blighty as the Doc job opens up? Or are certain folks in the know confirming with hard cash that Marshall is now the favourite for the next Timelord?

Personally, I would have loved to have seen Tilda Swinton take the role, not least because I stuck £20 on her a while back. And frankly, I just wish all this speculation would die back a little. I don’t want to see a special BBC programme introducing the new Doctor. I’d far prefer we just found out when the regeneration happened. Would that be too much to ask, an actual surprise?

There’s still the final Capaldi Doctor series to come, premiering on BBC1 15th April, from which, this BBC trailer….

And yes, as pointed out in last weeks ever excellent The Last Leg, it’s remarkably similar to that shows opening sequence…

And on further Doctor Who news, the upcoming season will see the return of the very earliest incarnation of the infamous Cybermen, the ones from the original homeworld of Mondas, as seen way back during the William Hartnell era in The Tenth Planet. Doctor Who News reports they will appear in the final two episodes of this series, which seems quite appropriate given their first appearance more than five decades ago was in the final tale in the Bill Hartnell era, and this is the last full season with Capaldi’s Doctor…

Marky Mark Wahlberg reportedly has a plan to make movies, this via io9. He’s going to make comic books for the sole purpose of getting movie deals out of them. io9 says this….

He and fellow producer Stephen Levinson have announced a new comic book series with Vault Comics, Alien Bounty Hunter, and they’re crossing their fingers it one day heads to the big screen.
“Some of today’s greatest film franchises originated as comics. We always try to get involved with the story telling process from its inception,” Wahlberg and Levinson said in a statement.

Or more likely, “y’know, seeing as comics are being turned into cash cow movies left right and centre we figured how hard can it be to get on that bandwagon?”

It has been done before, a few times, most notably with the Tom Cruise 2013 vehicle Oblivion coming directly from an unpublished graphic novel, a graphic novel that was pretty much just a pitch concept for a movie. Oh, yes, putting the C in cynical every time, that’s the movie biz.

And yeah, Wahlberg’s latest dollar grab idea might work. Although given that the concept for the comic/film pitch “Alien Bounty Hunter“, of a bounty hunter who finds out some of his targets happen to be aliens, is just a yawner, I doubt it.

In better news… The Nib has a piece “Five Trans Cartoonists Respond To Bathroom Hysteria

Here’s part of Joey Alison Sayer’s comic:

If you don’t know, there’s a massive hoo-hah over in the US over just where Trans men and women should be peeing and pooping. It would be ridiculous and laughable if it wasn’t done with such bloody hatred and ignorance. In a country where you should be more worried about walking into a toddler with a handgun in the toilets, it seems utterly insane to be worrying over this.

But the right wing, trans-phobic moron element seriously think this is some kind of big deal. And it’s hateful. The idea that anyone should be threatened by this? dumb beyond my understanding. Feeling scared by other peoples genitalia behind a bathroom door? Oh get a grip and move on.

DC veteran Paul Levitz chats with friend and former colleague, the legendary Karen Berger:

What really fascinated me about comics, not really having read any as a kid was the layered approach to comics storytelling. I think I was like most people at the time, not thinking about a comic was created—they just appeared. But there was actually a script. My eyes were really opened to the process, the creativity involved.

And the people. The people at DC Comics at the time, and the freelance writers and artists, were just really great people. There’s always a loser here or there. But most of them were really welcoming, and it was really a great time. I think my interest in art also helped, and the fact that I liked to read weird shit.”

The BBC has a touching story about a remarkable young lad, Mohammad Sayeed. Injured and left unable to walk after being the victim of a bomb in Afghanistan, he was abandoned by his father in a nearby hospital, which becmae his home for several years. He made some much-needed money by repairing and augmenting things like mobile phones for local staff, and has carried this knack for invention into his new life after being adopted and taken to live in America, creating devices to enhance his wheelchair. He has also teamed up with artist Arielle Epstein to create his own comic using a disabled character, Wheelchair Man, whose powers include the ability to make criminals perceive the consequences of their crimes on others before they commit them, which is a rather lovely idea, I think. He was inspired by being taken to Boston Comic Con but wondered why there were so few disabled characters in the comics – deciding “I wasn’t going to wait for Marvel to do it” he embarked on his own idea. More power to you, Mohammad!

Frank Quitely’s art is the centre of a major exhibition opening in Glasgow’s prestigious Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum this spring. Running from 1st of April to the 1st of October it promises a large selection of work by the Glaswegian artist and others. From the description:”Frank Quitely: The Art of Comics brings all your favourite superheroes together in a fantastic exhibition. You can MARVEL at the displays, SWOOP into your own superhero costume or be AMAZED at the artworks you discover!

The exhibition at Kelvingrove showcases the largest ever collection of work by renowned comic artist Frank Quitely. You can get up close and personal with the painstaking detail in every iconic frame. There will also be original artwork from titans of the comic book industry such as Mark Millar, Alan Grant, Grant Morrison, Chip Kidd, Neal Adams & Frank Miller as well as an original Batman comic strip by Batman creator Bob Kane. ”

We will be running a competition to win tickets to the private opening night viewing (where Frank will be talking to the audience about his work), so keep your eyes peeled on the blog or on the FP Glasgow Facebook page!

Chris Riddell on Trump and Russia….

Bill Griffith – Lil’ Trumpy’s Lil’ Brain: Zippy’s creator takes aim and nails it…


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