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Published On May 3, 2017 | By Matthew Wells | Comics, Reviews

Kaijumax Season Two,
Zander Cannon,
Oni Press

When Zander Cannon’s Kaijumax debuted back in 2015, it was evident that this book was going to surprise many readers. It was unlike other titles available at the time, as the unique idea of a prison drama involving kaiju was simply unheard of.

Published by Oni Press, writer and illustrator Zander Cannon’s first book was a brilliant social satire and thankfully, two years later, the award-winning cartoonist continued his streak with the follow-up. Simply called Season Two, he’s managed to impress and astound readers yet again.

The comic continues its main focus on the fugitive Electrogor, who is now stuck in a world that has grown to distrust and hate kaiju. After his escape from the infamous prison, Electrogor sets it upon himself to cross the Pacific Rim in hopes of reuniting with his two children.

Of course, things don’t necessarily go to plan for Electrogor. During his journey, he encounters kaiju parolees, Lovecraftian drug addicts and even bizarre rap battles. It’s a wondrous mix of several elements, which keeps the readers completely entertained throughout.

Kaijumax can easily be mistaken for a children’s book at first, especially considering its stylisation and vibrant colour palette. Make no mistake though, as it’s far from a children’s book. It has some incredibly mature themes throughout, which are all tackled carefully by Cannon.

It is a must-read for kaiju lovers, as Zander Cannon instils his sheer wealth of kaiju knowledge and passion into this book. There’s still a sense of humanity given to the many characters, despite their bizarre and huge appearances.

Readers will soon be rooting for Electrogor to reach his children, whilst being utterly fascinated by some of the weirder subplots supplied throughout. They will also be left loving some of the utterly bizarre inclusions in the book, which can be found in the smaller details.

Just like Electrogor, Cannon finds a way breaking out from the confines of the kaiju prison from the first book, as he establishes a fully-realised world in Season Two. Providing more history and an interesting insight into different cultures, there’s huge development made in this sprawling universe.

Kaijumax Season Two is a grand achievement, where Cannon has managed to take a successful first season into entirely brave, new territory. Its action packed, shockingly adult and surprisingly emotional in some parts.

If you haven’t checked out Kaijumax yet, ask your friendly Rodan or Mothra for a lift to your closest Forbidden Planet. Also, look out for the upcoming Season Three which starts in July. Zander Cannon has created something really special here.

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