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Published On October 31, 2017 | By Richmond Clements | Comics, Video Games

Rogue Trooper Redux,

When Rebellion bought 2000 AD, most of us gamers anticipated a raft of computer games based on the many decades worth of amazing characters in the long-running sci-fi comic. First out of the gate was Dredd Vs Death in 2003. While it was good fun to play as Old Stoney Face, the game itself though was not exactly ground-breaking. Three years after that, they released Rogue Trooper. That game ended up being everything Dredd Vs Death wasn’t, and in a good way. It boasted some – for the time – great graphics, an involving and exciting story and some superb vocal performances. There was also an innovative cover action, allowing the player to shoot while ducked down behind cover.

And that was it… no more 2000 AD games from Rebellion, well, apart from the fun but slight Dredd Vs Zombies game for handheld devices. No more 2000 AD inspired games – I suppose Rebellion are, understandably, too busy with their SJW Antifa Sniper Elite series… 😉! So it was a pleasant surprise when a Redux version of Rogue Trooper was announced. And I am pleased to say that the game still holds up these eleven years later.

There are a few things that date it, as you’d imagine. The cover system can be annoying at times, as the game will automatically snap you into cover if you approach an object in a certain way. There’s also some gameplay elements – like the short levels and longish loading times – that are hang-ups from the last decade. But the cleaned-up graphics are wonderful. The addition of lightning effects, more realistic fire and smoke and more realistic textures are most welcome.

The gameplay is the same as before. That is: being Rogue Trooper, the famous, blue-skinned Genetic Infantryman, is so much fun. The sound Gunnar makes as he unloads into a group of stinking Norts is awesome. Sitting at door gun of a stolen Nort Hoppa as you fly in pursuit of the Traitor General is exhilarating. Upgrading Gunnar to function as a shotgun, or head-shotting from sniper mode is very satisfying. As is shooting an air tank and giggling with glee as the stupid Nort runs around in a panic before exploding. All these things and more make for a superb gaming experience.

The one and only complaint I have is the same one I and many other gamers had about the original – the train level is pitched just a little too hard and can be somewhat frustrating. That, though, is only a few minutes gameplay in an otherwise face-paced and seriously fun game. If you enjoyed the original, or you’re one of those young people they have now, and have never encountered the 2006 original, you should give this a go.

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  1. Dave Weston says:

    This is my favourite game of all time. It came out at the same time as Killzone which looked awesome but never had the game play of Rogue Trooper, it was awesome.