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Published On April 6, 2017 | By Matthew Wells | Comics, Reviews

Kim Reaper #1,

Sarah Graley,

Oni Press

UK comics artist Sarah Graley has been making waves across conventions as of late, with two of her superb books; Pizza Witch and Our Super Adventure. A creator with a heavy penchant for cats, Graley has also seen success with the brilliant spin-off miniseries, Rick and Morty: Lil’ Poopy Superstar.
She’s a hugely talented artist, who is set to make an even bigger impression on the industry with her new series, Kim Reaper. Published by Oni Press, Kim Reaper follows the adorable art student Becka and her infatuation with the coolest Goth in class, Kim.

Becka’s obsession with Kim sets off a strange turn of events, as she discovers that Kim works part-time as a grim reaper. Following her through a portal in an attempt to ask her out, Becka finds herself surrounded by a menagerie of cats and the surprising sight of Kim wielding a scythe. Of course, that probably adds 10+ points to Kim’s Gothic aesthetic.

Unsurprisingly, Kim Reaper is a delightful first issue from Sarah Graley. Within the first few panels of the comic, Graley establishes her characters as eccentric, unique and amusing individuals. Becka is a charming main character, whose crush on Kim is welcome representation for the LGBT community.

It comes as no surprise to see that Graley incorporates felines heavily into the first issue, and fans of her work may even recognise two familiar faces hiding within the panels. Graley has a clear talent for writing quirky comedy, and that is more than evident throughout this stunning debut.

However, Graley’s artwork is where the comic really shines. Her trademark style often results in some of the cutest looking characters in comics, and here she’s sprinkled her designs with themes of the underworld, and the inclusion of a super cool goth. Her fans couldn’t ask for more.

She’s a force to be reckoned with, as Kim Reaper is almost entirely her own work. Along with her stellar illustration, Graley incorporates a wonderful colour palette to the title. Full of warming purples, it really adds towards the spooky aesthetic that she’s aiming for. It also makes for some beautiful looking cats.

Kim Reaper is set to be a compelling story that is rich with some of the nicest artwork seen on the stands today. It has a wonderful mix of beautiful art, a quirky story and some of the coolest looking characters ever.

If you’re looking for a spooky treat with well-written characters, look no further than Kim Reaper. With this new series, Sarah Graley is set to become an even bigger comic book star, as it continues with its spooky, excellent ride. It’s a great inclusion to the UK comics scene, and it fits perfectly next to Giant Days and Oni Press’ many publications.

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