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Published On August 7, 2017 | By Garth Cremona | Film TV & Theatre, Reviews

Annabelle: Creation,
Directed by David F. Sandberg,
Starring Miranda Otto, Stephanie Sigman, Lulu Wilson, Talitha Bateman, Anthony LaPaglia, Alicia Vela-Bailey

The Prequel to the prequel of The Conjuring finds the original creepy toy being created by Anthony LaPaglia. He and his wife have to bear the loss of their beloved child Bea, and over a period of twelve years they lock themselves away from the world. Finally they decide to face the world again, opening up their very large house to an Orphanage that is homeless, which I openly laughed at the irony there. They invite a nun and six young girls into their large house. This awakens the evil that is living there.

The Conjuring has now given creation to a number of other films. Next up is The Nun, the character that appeared in The Conjuring 2, and I’m looking forward to that. The films that have come from the first film have varied, it’s far to say, in both quality and scares. The first Annabelle movie left me feeling a little cold, with the story just not hitting the notes that I’m sure it could have. Thankfully Creation is a step up the horror stakes.

The story is simple, with the Mullins losing their daughter you understand their odd behaviour as part of their grief and how this horrible event has changed them When the orphanage girls come to the house it awakes a dark secret that they have tried to cover up. This brings in one of the scariest entities that you can imagine, children, who are naturally creepy, and with a little bit of computer attention were given some make up effects that could really have been done practically. When one of the girls, who hasn’t recovered from polio, unleashes the evil that the Mullins have captured all hell breaks loose. Mr Mullins is a toy-maker, and the last toy that he made before the tragic, accidental death of Bea was, of course, , the Annabelle doll.

What I liked here is that they’ve upped the horror elements of the film, with more jump scares than the first Annabelle movie, and the creation of the demons here offers a little more scare going to the Insidious side of the character creation street. Also with the creepy children you’re not going to be resting easy for long. The film moves fast enough through the scenes and I have to admit that you’re not going to get bored of repetitive explanations. Although you can guess what has happened if you’ve seen The Conjuring opening scenes. Where the film falls flat for me is that I wanted more about the girls that were coming to live in the house; we were told that they are orphans and that the orphanage has lost it’s building. With only one girl been given a backstory, the girl who becomes the focus of the demon, it leaves the other girls as the sort of paper-thin characters that you assume are going to be easy targets later on.

The film isn’t perfect, but you’ll get more jump scares for your cinema cash than any other horror in cinemas this year, so far. With a big budget that is an expectation at this point for this kind of horror flick. Cast and crew give what they have in their tanks to make this Conjuring off shoot an enjoyable but flawed outing for horror fans in the cinema. They manage to hint at the upcoming Nun movie and I was hugely impressed with the some scenes that tie it to the other movie too. That link made up for some of the parts of the film that fell flat for me. I would watch this one again rather than the first Annabelle film and will wait in hope that The Nun movie gives me the scares over and above the ones that I found here.

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