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Published On March 23, 2017 | By Joe Gordon | Animation, Film TV & Theatre, Reviews

The Boss Baby,
Directed by Tom McGrath,
Starring Miles Christopher Bakshi, Alec Baldwin, Eric Bell Jr., Tobey Maguire, Lisa Kudrow

Alec Baldwin, the enduring Baldwin, is The Boss Baby. At the baby-led BabyCorp they are noticing that the grown ups are turning more to the cute puppies for their love rather than babies. So Boss Baby is sent to the household of the marketers for the leading pet store PuppyCo. This would be a walk in the park if only the seven-year old kid that already lives in the house would let him get to business. But Tim, the only child, is not having any of The Boss Baby and won’t stop until he finds out about his secret mission.

Cards on the table: the majority of these animations just don’t do anything for me any more. I guess years of disappointment with terrible sequels to good films like Shrek and Kung-Fu Panda just wore me down. But at today‚Äôs press screening, on the first day of Spring o(r extended Winter as we call it in Ireland), I laughed right down to my socks.

The Boss Baby doesn’t take itself too seriously, and uses the best in the animation store cupboard to engage the viewer. At the start of the film I thought we were going to get a cutesy, sugary, dose of glucose straight to the veins. Thankfully it takes only the time to get to the opening credit scenes to see that the writer here and the director have a great respect for their audience and the art form that is animation. There are times that you feel you are watching traditional animation, then we mix in the new 3D animations, then we’re going back to the style of the Pink Panther Cartoons. All mixed together to blend perfectly. Although there are moments that you feel you’re being led into the dullness of the common ground cartoons which are dull, flashy, and pointless, the ones we see far too often through the years. These are short and don’t take you too much away from the goodness within the film.

What truly sets The Boss Baby apart from the crowd of animations that we see, is that the writing is insanely creatively non-sense. There are steps here that a less talented team will steer away from, they’d concentrate on having the shiny-shiny for the six year old children that would be brought to the film and nothing else. The Boss Baby is so clever that it nods to children of all ages, even slightly bitter 42 year olds, who didn’t really want to laugh today, but the laughs came through. I get the feeling that I could take my 6-year old Nephew, my early teen niece, and my other half to see this and we’d all have a great time watching it. That’s a rare thing with a children-focused animation these days.

The Boss Baby may have it’s flaws, but the movie references, the inventive creation of the Baby world, and just plain good comedy makes it a treat for all ages. I can tell you that this left me in a good mood for the rest of the day, which is a hard thing to do. Go and enjoy this, I doubt that you’ll leave without a smile on your face, if this made me cackle like a wicked witch after one of her evil plans came off, then it could do the same for you.

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