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Published On March 22, 2017 | By James Bacon | Comics

Carrie & Rufus,
Ben Hennessy

Highly recommended is the name if the game around here, and last year when I saw sample pages of Carrie and Rufus by Ben Hennessy at Thought Bubble, I was really impressed. The clean lines, excellent portrayal of action, movement and mostly with two superb characters who looked exquisitely sharp, were intriguing and enticing.

Too often I see a glimpse of genius and comic greatness only for it never to percolate to fruitfulness or get bogged down in publication hell. Not with this brilliant first issue. Ben Hennessy has made it available in full for free!

‘In a world over run by zombies, in a country with more sticks than guns, the only way you can survive is to have a talking fox by your side.’

And this is beautifully done, Rufus is quite the character and he is perfect with Carrie, both described thusly ‘Carrie and Rufus run into one another while scrambling away from mobs of rotting monsters. Impetuous and eager to prove herself, Carrieā€™s flightiness is tempered by her wise and worldly travelling companion Rufus, who brings words of wisdom and consequence to any dire situation. But then he would, because Rufus is a talking fox.’

I loved the comic, the layout, the facial expressions and the action and indeed great sense of story telling, it all combines nicely and I highly recommend it.

The first issue of Carrie & Rufus can be seen in full and for free here; Carrie & Rufus can also be read for free on tapastic and on the tapas app available on Android and iOS. Follow @bennessy on twitter for updates about further issues.

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