Psychotic animal fun returns this April… back to Whipsnarl Zoo for the Beast Wagon finale.

Published On February 27, 2017 | By Richard Bruton | Comics

You know, back in mid 2015, when I was so on top of all things UK comics, Beast Wagon by Owen Michael Johnson, John Pearson and Colin Bell was a really inventive, totally engrossing series that I did the very best to promote the living heck out of – just like this. Well, cut to now and the series is coming to it’s long awaited finale with the double-sized issue 6.

How good did I reckon it was… well, here’s a little from the review of Issue 1:

Well, this was always looking like something special, from the moment I first heard about it. And thus far, whether it’s been the preview, the incredibly successful Kickstarter, the launch party event, or the rangy, fascinating interview with Johnson and Pearson, everything about Beast Wagon points to it living up to the hype.

The 6-issue series is an “anthropomorphic comic book set in a Safari park” that Owen Michael Johnson has described as “One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest with talking animals…” and along the way there have been various mentions of “an examination of systems and control” and “a debauched tale of insanity.”

Yes. Weird, disturbed, deep psychological trauma. Or at least that’s what we all hoped for. Incredibly, I reckon it lives up to everything we wanted it to be. Animal Magic this is not.

So right now I’ve a bit of catching up to do with the pissed off, hallucinating, borderline psychotic animals of Whipsnarl Zoo. C’mon, you try putting up with the detrius of humanity sticking their ridiculous pink faces up against the glass all the bloody time. And of course, on top of all that there’s something very bizarre in the air this summer stoking all the captives up even more than usual.

The double sized final issue, entitled Enclosure, hits on April 1st (NOT AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE!) and is available for pre-order through the Changeling Studios website.



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