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Published On April 22, 2017 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Comics For Children, The Phoenix Weekender

The Phoenix Comic is, in my humble opinion, the very best children’s comic out there in my humble opinion. You can find The Phoenix at your local comic shop (if they don’t stock it, well that probably tells you something) or subscribe. And I’ve been telling you all about it since the very beginning. Hopefully, each week I’ll highlight a particular strip and do a quick rundown on it. Spread the word one and all, this really is a comic more people should be reading.

Von Doogan has been a pretty regular feature of the Phoenix Comic for a couple of years now. Created by the Lorenzo half of the Etherington Brothers, and it’s a spectacular comic that some would argue isn’t a comic. Except they’re wrong.

Each week Von Doogan ventures forth on another part of his latest adventure, bequiffed and oh so cool, he has to deal with all manner of travails and troubles. Each episode contains a delightfully devilish puzzle element of some kind, some easy, some head-scratchingly tough. But these are most definitely comics, just comics of the most brilliantly inventive kind. The story continues sequentially around and inside the puzzle, each week a new element of the story is unveiled. This is most definitely comics.

Just like this..

These used to be just a single page and sometimes they felt just that little bit too cramped in that format. But now they’re across a couple of pages which gives Lorenzo ample time to tell his story and deliver another ridiculously complicated conundrum to his readers. It’s cracking comics.

Each puzzle comes with its own difficulty rating, from a really simple one star all the way up to the it’s going to take you a while to solve this one five stars.

And because it’s all too easy to concentrate on the puzzles with Von Doogan, sometimes the comics part gets overlooked a touch. And that’s such a shame, as Etherington’s cartooning is sublime, with a sense of incredible pace. Take a look at that cover again, those speed lines, the design elements… wow.

And you get that sort of thing all through the comic, as Etherington delights in throwing Von Doogan into all manner of hi-speed scrapes and awesome adventures. The art simply pops off the page, an incredible feat considering just how much information is here on every single page.

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