Parenthood uncensored

Published On September 1, 2017 | By Wim | Comics, Continental Correspondent

Liesbeth Ton is a Dutch illustrator working in Los Angeles. Using the monicker Betje she has created a series of web cartoons called, Parenting Is, highlighting the joys and “joys” of having children. On her Tapas site and on Instagram, she provides satirical tips for parents, chronicles typical situations in a mom’s life or gives her thoughts on readers’ reactions. Now and then she rallies for good causes from a parent’s perspective, such as why it is better to use cloth diapers, or why clean air is important for future generations.

Ton knows what she is talking about – she has three kids of her own, filling up her life but also constantly surprising her with their special way of seeing things. The quaint but irrefutable¬†logic of children, and the way they find simple solutions that an adult wouldn’t think of.

If you have kids yourself, you will most likely recognize more than one situation, and probably especially those situations you’d rather not be reminded of. But remember: the trick is to see the wonder in all things.

(illustrations ©

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