Lolek and Bolek ride again

Published On April 20, 2017 | By Wim | Animation, Comics, Continental Correspondent

Lolek and Bolek are back from the wilderness. The two steadfast young brothers who go on adventures all around the world, were once one of the most successful exports of communist-era Poland. Ever since their creator Wladyslaw Nehrebecki directed their first animated film in 1964, more than 180 episodes were broadcast around the world, making the characters household names in East and West alike. In English, the cartoons were distributed as Bennie and Lennie and Jym and Jam, and were shown (amongst others) on Nickelodeon.

With the demise of the communist regime at the end of the 80s, the cartoons became the subject of a legal battle for more than thirty years, during which television changed, new heroes were born and the world slowly forgot about the wholesome and fairly moralistic stories of the two young brothers with their button eyes and never waning smile.

With interest in all things vintage still booming and designers and illustrators finding inspiration in 1960s and 70s children’s books, German publisher Eulenspiegel Verlag is rekindling possible interest in the adventures of Lolek and Bolek by launching a new collection of comics and storybooks based on the old animated features. The books feature the art of the original cartoons and are clearly meant to be read aloud by nostalgic parents to their children.

So far nine books have been scheduled for this year, with adventures in the Gobi desert, Australia, Egypt, the Himalaya’s and other dangerous places around the world. No English edition has been announced yet.

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