Happy International Women’s Day

Published On March 8, 2017 | By Joe Gordon | Comics

For International Women’s Day – from the 1950s Eagle and the wonderful Dan Dare strip by Frank Hampson et al, Professor Jocelyn Peabody, the academic brains of the gang (way smarter than the boys!) but also able to handle a blaster in a fight or to take control of a spaceship in a dangerous situation. Here she is doing just that, kicking out the venerable Sir Hugo to take the pilot’s controls herself, because she knows she is younger and with faster reflexes, gender be damned, and she’s their best chance for surviving. That scene has been stuck in my mind for many years since I first read it, it’s a favourite Dan Dare moment for me. If we could have strong, smart, brave, capable female characters like that even in the repressed, buttoned-down Britain of 1950 then surely we can have far, far more like that in 2017? And yes, it is improving, but there’s still a long way to go…

(please feel free to share your favourite female comics or science fiction characters or moments in the comments, especially if it is one you found personally inspiring)


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