First ever Italian cross-over featuring Dylan Dog and Dampyr

Published On September 11, 2017 | By Wim | Comics, Continental Correspondent

Paranormal investigator Dylan Dog and vampire hunter Dampyr, two of the most famous characters in the catalogue of Italian comics giant Bonelli, are the first Italian comics characters to star in their very own crossover.

(Roberto Recchioni, photo La Stampa)

The book, which will run not as a stand-alone mini-series, but be part of both characters’ regular schedule, is an initiative of Roberto Recchioni, editor for Dylan Dog at Bonelli, and will feature artwork by Daniele Bigliardo and Bruno Brindisi.

Even though team-ups occur quite regularly in fumetti (ever since the very first one, featuring Dylan Dog and Martin Mystère in 1990), Recchioni is keen to stress that this is the first crossover between series. Inspiration came from the United States, where crossovers are an established element of comics publication, and are used to generate interest for other titles.

The biggest challenge was making sure that the story felt authentic to the readers of both books. even though they’re both in the supernatural realm, Dylan Dog is more of a cerebral fantasy, whereas Dampyr thrives on very visual horror and action.

Still, it was quite rewarding, according to Recchioni, to have two similar yet quite different characters work one single problem, relying on each other’s talents and still keeping their own specificity, their own continuity.

The story is published in Dylan Dog 371 (The Dampyr Arrives) and in Dampyr 208 (Inquiring the Nightmare), both of which just appeared recently.

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