Fate of the Rotterdam Strip Museum Sealed

Published On September 22, 2017 | By Wim | Comics, Continental Correspondent

After Strips, the comics museum in Rotterdam, filed for bankruptcy in June (as we reported earlier), there was still hope for a possible restart. That hope, in the mean time, has proven to be wishful thinking.

Curator Laurens Prickarts announced last week that a restart proved impossible for the many parties involved and that the museum will be sold, possibly at auction.

(The doors of Strips are closed for good; photo Sanne Donders)

Comics creators have filed a complaint¬†against the curator, who charges 75 EUR administration costs to retrieve the artwork that they had loaned to the museum. Cartoonist Robert van der Kroft voiced the frustration of many cartoonists : “He (the curator) is trying to milk the case for all it has, over the cartoonists’ heads, who were so kind as to selflessly loan their work to the museum”. The complaint was denied in court, however.

And so a worthwhile initiative to promote comics to the general public meets a sad and messy death, as these things often do, with scraps over money.

(based on reporting in AD)


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