Enrico Marini takes on Batman

Published On July 10, 2017 | By Wim | Comics, Continental Correspondent

On his Facebook page, Italian cartoonist Enrico Marini announced last week that he is working an original Batman story, which will be published in two volumes on in November 2017 and Spring 2018 respectively.

(Enrico Marini – photo Fabien Perissinotto)

Marini is probably best known for sprawling historical comics series, like his Aigles De Rome, or Le Scorpion, which he created together with Stephen Desberg and which also has been published in English. With over two million albums sold worldwide over eleven titles, Scorpion is considered a major hit in the Franco-Belgian comics world, and also a confirmation that there is still a public appetite for a traditional historical adventure comic.

(Marini’s greatest hits, Les Aigles De Rome and Le Scorpion)

Even though the storyline of his Batman book is top secret for the moment, Marini’s preference for a classic adventure could already point us in the right direction, but we can only hope that they¬†don’t make it into another Elseworlds disaster.

What is quite remarkable though is that the announcement was made by DC Comics and Dargaud, Marini’s European publisher. Dargaud has a few US Comics translations in its catalogue, but as yet nothing even resembling a super hero; Batman most recently was published in French by Panini Comics. I’m wondering if that’s about to change…

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