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Published On June 1, 2017 | By Wim | Comics, Continental Correspondent

Fans of (French) car racing comics, take note! Michel Vaillant, by far the most famous racing comic hero, is scheduled to appear at the start of this month’s venerable 24 Hours race in Le Mans, France. In fact, no less than two cars bearing the tricolore Vaillante logo will take part in the venerable race, bearing the numbers 13 and 31 (referring to the album Le 13 Est Au Départ).

The cars’ make, Rébellion, also refers to the most recent album in the series, while one of his drivers,Nicolas Prost, will also play a part in the book.

It’s not the first time that a real Vaillant will compete in a car race.  In 1999 sixteen Vaillantes Grand Défi were made, and the model appeared in the 3Com Stars Challenge, as well as in the 2003 film Michel Vaillant, based on the comics series. In 2012 two Chevrolet-Vaillantes ran pretty good races in the WTCC series.

But still, Le Mans is something special – it is the most legendary race on French soil and it is the very same race that saw the (albeit fictional) debut of Michel Vaillant’s father in 1939. How that works out with Michel now being in his early twenties, is one of those mysteries that comics are good in.

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