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Published On December 20, 2017 | By Wim | Comics, Continental Correspondent

If there’s one thing to say about comics collectors, true comics collectors, it’s that they are completists. They’ll hunt across the lands for that one issue they are still missing. For that reason, quite a number of apps and services have sprung up to help them in managing their collection and, as needs be, highlight the mancos.

The problem with these apps for the discerning collector with an international taste, is that they are largely US-based. They quite often cover the gamut when it comes to American comics (and sometimes British and other English-language ones as well), but don’t ask them how many issues you’re missing of Pellerin’s L’Epervier. Never heard of it, sirah.

Fear not, help is at hand. French startup Bubble BD have just released a spanking new update of their application of the same name (available for iOS and Android) that does just that. It allows you to enter all bandes dessinées in your collection, either by scanning their barcode or by looking them up in the application’s database. To keep that up to date, Bubble collaborates with BD Fugue, one of the leading French publication trackers (and chains of comics stores), which it combines, for older titles, with the combined collections of their user base of more than 70,000.

Based on your input, Bubble can provide you with an inventory of your collection, but also create a list of the volumes that you are missing. It even will offer you suggestions of new series to try, based on your preferences and taste.

As yet, no plans have been made for comics in other languages, but within its own niche, Bubble is a neat little app. It does what it says on the tin, and is a charm to work with.

(based on reporting by 9eme Art, who also provided the screenshots)

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