Agent 327 is heading for the big screen

Published On June 21, 2017 | By Wim | Comics, Continental Correspondent, Film TV & Theatre

Even though Martin Lodewijk’s comic series Agent 327 has the status of a classic in his native Holland, the series is largely unknown in other parts of the world. Translations of the books were published in Germany and across Scandinavia, but an all-important English translation seems to have been left out (so far). And that’s a sad thing because even though the comic is quintessentially Dutch in its setting and humor, the subject of a secret agent fighting organised crime should be universal enough to appeal to most lovers of classic comics. After all, Astérix wan’t stopped by its Frenchness, was he?

There is a quite a lot of material to choose from too. Even though Lodewijk at times had to distribute his attention across his many different projects at times, ever since the series’ start in the mid-sixties, some twenty full-length albums were published (as well as the world’s smallest comic, Dossier Minimium Bug, measuring 2.6 by 3.7 cm).

But maybe the luck of anti-hero Agent IJzerboot and his feisty sidekick Olga Lawina may be about to change. Dutch animation studio Blender is currently developing for Operation Barbershop, an Agent 327 feature film, an  adventurous comedy that is specifically targeted at an international market. It is Blender’s first full-length production and even though the studio is self-sufficient (thanks to its own open source software), it is seeking funding to start the actual production of this large-scale project.

To whet the appetite of possible financiers (and us fans), Blender created a short trailer that gives a good idea of what the film will look like.  The short introduces us to the (not so young) Agent and some of his adversaries, but above all to the type of slapstick action that would not be out of place in a Pixar movie. To be continued!

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  1. Steven Flanagan says:

    Sounds like a similar situation to Manuel Vasquez’s “Anacleto, Agente Secrete”. There was a recent (live-action) film based on that, too, but sadly it didn’t lead to a breakthrough in English-speaking countries.