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Published On March 8, 2016 | By Joe Gordon | Comics, Previews, Upcoming


(Cover to IDW’s Archangel #1, artwork by Tula Lotay)

The brilliant William Gibson has long been one of our very best science fiction writers, always interesting and innovative, with a sharp eye for how science and technology and human culture interact and change and influence one another (and he’s often well ahead of the curve). IDW Publishing has scored a major feather in their cap by collaborating with Gibson and Butch Guice on his own forthcoming comic series, Archangel, which is in the current IDW solicitations. From the description:

Science Fiction Superstar William Gibson comes to comics! The U.S. political leaders of 2016 abandon the radioactive planet they’ve destroyed and harness the power of humanity’s last hope: The Splitter, a colossal machine designed to manufacture a bright new reality for them to infiltrate and corrupt.


((Cover to IDW’s Archangel #2, artwork by Tula Lotay)

Fair to say a lot of us are pretty excited at the thought of this series, and I’d imagine this is also likely to pull in quite a number of readers who aren’t usually comics readers, but who do admire Bill’s work, and that’s never a bad thing to be able to draw in a more diverse readership into comics. I’ve been reading Bill’s books since I was in my teens (you can read my review of his most recent novel, The Peripheral, here on the blog) and I’m pretty excited myself, can’t wait to get my hands on this series. Meantime IDW were kind enough to send us a few pages to give just a wee taster to whet our appetites – enjoy!




You can order the issues of Archangel from our comics subscription site here. Thanks to Kahlil and IDW for arranging these preview pages for us.


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